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The Fisher Family 1

Archie Fisher, Ray Fisher, Cilla Fisher
Some of The Fishers' recordings are detailed below and on the next two pages.
With thanks to Susanne Kalweit

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Far O'er Forth
Iron Muse
Edinburgh Vol.1
Edinburgh Vol.2
Folk Festival
Fisher Family
Archie Fisher

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Fate o' Charlie
Folk Trailer
Scots Sampler
Recent Years
Bonny Birdie
Man with a Rhyme
Will Ye Gang
Cilla & Artie I

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Foul Day & Fair
Best Scottish
Cilla & Artie II
Willie's Lady
Songs of the Fishing
Reaching Out
Traditional Songs

Ray & Archie Fisher: Far Over the Forth (Topic Records TOP 67, 1961)

Side One: The Night Visiting Song; Far Over the Forth
Side Two: The Twa Corbies (trad/Berwick); Kilbogie

All songs traditional except where indicated

Ray Fisher: The Iron Muse (Topic Records TOP 12T 86, 1963)
with A L Lloyd, Bob Davenport, Anne Briggs, Louis Killen, Matt McGinn, The Celebrated Working Man's Band

Side Two: The Spinner's Wedding (Mary Brooksbank); The Dundee Lassie (Mary Brooksbank)

with Colin Ross (fiddle)


Ray & Archie Fisher: Edinburgh Folk Festival Vol.1 (Decca LK 4546, 1963)
with Owen Hand, Ian Campbell Folk Group, Ann Briggs, Lou Killen, Matt McGinn, Hamish Imlach, Nadia Cattouse; Dolina McLennan

Side One: Archie Fisher: Highland Laddie; Ray & Archie Fisher: Whisky In the Jar
Side Two: Ray Fisher: My Donal'; Ray & Archie Fisher: My Johnnie Is a Shoemaker; Glasgow Street Songs Medley


Ray & Archie Fisher: Edinburgh Folk Festival Vol.2 (Decca LK 4563, 1964)
with Owen Hand, Ian Campbell Folk Group, Ann Briggs, Lou Killen, Matt McGinn, Hamish Imlach, Nadia Cattouse; Dolina McLennan, Jill Doyle, Jean Hart

Side One: Ray Fisher: When I was Noo but Sweet Sixteen
Side Two: Archie Fisher: I Loved a Lass; Ray & Archie Fisher: Kishmul's Galley


Ray & Archie Fisher: The Hoot'nanny Show (Waverley ZLP 2025, 1964)
with The Corrie Folk Trio, Paddie Bell, Eleanor Leith; Dolina McLennan

Side One: Leave Her Johnnie; Poor Bill
Side Two: Backgreen Ballad; We Shall Overcome

Folk Festival 1

Folk Festival

Ray & Archie Fisher: Folk Festival Festival Folk (Waverley ZLP 2033, 1964)
with Luke Kelly, Nadia Cattouse, The Dubliners, Ronnie Browne, Barney McKenna

Side One: Let the Bulgine Run
Side Two: The Buildings (McNaughton); A Lum Hat Wantin' a Croon; Air Fa La La Lo

All songs traditional unless otherwise noted

Reissued as Folk Festival (World Record Club ST890, 1969)

fishf.jpg - 4Kb

The Fisher Family (Topic Records TOP 12T137, 1966)

Come All Ye Fisher Lassies; Schooldays Over; Rigs O' Rye; Donalogue; For Our Lang Biding Here; Joy of My Heart; Hey Ca' Through; What's Poor Mary Weeping For?; Bonnie Lass O' Ballochmyle; I Am a Miller Tae Ma Trade; I am a Freeborn Man; Birkin Tree/Aince Upon a Time

Archie, Ray, Cilla, Joyce, Audrey and Cindy Fisher


A Prospect of Scotland (Topic Sampler No.5) (Topic Records TPS 169, c1969)

Side Two: Ray & Archie Fisher: Joy Of My Heart; Ray Fisher: The Spinner's Wedding

Archie Fisher: Archie Fisher (Celtic Music CM007, 1982)
(re-issued from a 1968 original on Leader Records [?])

Side One: Open the Door Softly; Reynardine; The Terror Time; The Three Gypsies; The Kilder Hunt; The Trooper and the Maid
Side Two: The Child On the Road; The beggar Wench; Bogie's Bonnie Bell; Matt Highland; Farewell She; The Snows

Archie Fisher (vocals, guitar, dulcimer, concertina, sitar), John MacKinnon (violin, mandolin), John Doonan (piccolo, whistle)

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