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The Corries 4

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Corrie Folk Trio
For the Burds
More Burds
Promise of the Day
In Retrospect
Those Wild Corries
Bonnet, Belt & Sword
Kishmul's Galley
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In Concert
Love Songs
The Best Folk
Shades of Folk
Strings & Things
Live Alive O
What You Fancy
16 Scottish...
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These Are 1
Live Vol 1
Flower of Scotland
Live Vol 2
Live Vol 3
Live Vol 4
These Are 2
Very Best
Peat Fire Flame
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Love from...
Bonnie Blue


Spotlight On The Corries (Philips International 6625 035, 1977)

Side One: Flower of Scotland (Williamson); Wild Rover; Roving Journeyman; Hills od Ardmorn (Williamson); Katie Bairdie/Oor Wee School; Ca' the Ewes
Side Two: Gallus Bloke; Highland Lament; Twa Corbies; The Lowlands of Holland; Toon o' Kelso; Haughs O' Cromdale
Side Three: Glenlyon Lament; Cruel Brother; The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie; Ae Fond Kiss (Burns); Bring back My Granny to Me/My Brother Bill's a Fireman; Kishmul's Galley (Kennedy Fraser)
Side Four: Johnny Lad; Sally Free and Easy; Lewis Bridal Song; Parcel O' Rogues; The Road to Dundee; Will Ye Go Lassie Go

All songs traditional except where indicated

Ronnie Browne, Roy Williamson


Stovies (DARA PA 036, 1980)

Side One: The Bloody Sarks; The Bonnie Moorhen; Birnie Boozle; Country Western Medley; The Broom o' the Cowdenknowes; Tha Bantam Cock; Dumbarton's Drums
Side Two: The Standard on the Brase o' Mar; (Ye Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me) Lucille; Arkinholm; The Blackbird; The Bricklayer's Song; Welcome Royal Charlie

All songs traditional except where indicated

Ronnie Browne (vocals, guitar, borann, harmonica, banjo), Roy Williamson (vocals, guitar, borann, concertina, flute)

Dawning of the Day

The Dawning of the Day (DARA PA 040, 1982)

Side One: The Dawning of the Day (Roy Williamson); Bloody Waterloo; Big Nellie May (G Herd); Turn Ye Tae Me; The Lammas Tide (trad/Roy Williamson); The Blue Bonnets
Side Two: The Green Fields of France (Eric Bogle); The Widow and the Fairy (Wedlock); The Queen's Maries; Blow Ye Winds; Bothwell Castle (trad/Roy Williamson); The Silver Tassie

All songs traditional except where indicated

Ronnie Browne, Roy Williamson

Love from Scotland

Love from Scotland (DARA PA 055, 1983)

Side One: Dark Lochnagar (Byron); Ettrick Lady; Mingulay Boat Song (Roberton); Jamie Raeburn; Lord Yester
Side Two: Loch Tay Boat Song (McLeod/Boulton); Nancy Whisky; Hush Hush (Jim MacLean); Rogs o' Rye; Lads Among the Heather

All songs traditional except where indicated

Ronnie Browne, Roy Williamson

Scotland Will Flourish

Scotland Will Flourish (DARA PA 066, 1985)

Side One: All God's Creatures (Bill Staines); The Wee Grey Finch (Weir/Williamson); The Birth of the Corries' Blues (Williamson); The Wedding of Lachie McGraw (trad/Browne/Williamson);/Ballenmuir Cottage (Williamson);; My Bonnie lad's Lang A-Growin' (trad); The News from Moidart (trad)
Side Two: Scotland Will Flourish (Ian Richardson); Kids On the Range (trad/Browne); The Banks of Newfoundland (trad); Haul Away Rosie (trad); The Highlander's Farewell (J Hogg); A Man's a Man (R Burns)

Ronnie Browne (guitar, mouth organ, banjo, psaltry, combolin, borann) Roy Williamson (guitar, flute, combolin, English guitar)

Bonnie Blue

The Bonnie Blue (DARA PA 090, 1988)

Side One: The Bonnie Blue (Williamson); Oh Dear Me; The Clingfilm Wrapper Blues (Williamson); Tiree Love Song (Roberton); Tramps and Hawkers; The Garten Mother's Lullaby
Side Two: wha'll Take the Ball From Maggie Thatcher? (Browne); The Winter It Is Passed; Er Fa La Lal Lo (Roberton); Bonnie Gallowa' (Sproat/Hornsby); The Heiland House Hunter (McKinnon/Williamson); Lowlands Awa'

All songs traditional except where indicated

Ronnie Browne (vocals, borann, banjo, harmonica, mandolin, combolin, guitar)
Roy Williamson (vocals, borann, guitar, English guitar, laud, combolin, whistle)

Mothers, Daughters, Wives

Mothers, Daughters, Wives (BBC Records RESL819, 1990)

Side One: Mothers, Daughters, Wives (Judy Small)
Side Two: The Greenfields of France (Eric Bogle)

Ronnie Browne, Roy Williamson

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