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Alex Campbell 6

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Best Loved Songs ('63)
Way Out West LP ('63)
Way Out West EP ('64)
Folk Session ('64)
Alex Campbell ('64)

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This Is...1 ('71)
This Is...2 ('71)
At His Best ('72)
Life Is That Way ('72)
Unity Creates Strength ('72)
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Favourite Songs ('65)
Sing Folk ('65)
Copenhagen ('65)
Best British ('67)
Best Scottish ('67)
Tivoli Gardens ('67)
And Friends ('67)

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Goodbye Booze ('75)
Big Daddy ('76)
No Regrets ('76)
Trad Ballads ('77)
Best Scottish ('78)
Det er Godt... ('79)
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Folk Scene ('67)
Live ('68)
Breakaway ('68)
Sampler ('69)
Alex Campbell ('69)
Scottish Folk Scene (n.d.)

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Live & Studio ('79)
CRM ('79)
Live In Belgium ('81)
Greatest Respect ('87)
Tribute Concert ('97)

Live and Studio (2 LP, Happy Bird 90031, 1979)

Side One: Wild Rover; Henry My Son; The Roving Irishman; Dink's Song; Tail Toddle
Side Two: Roll On Buddy Roll On; What's the Life of a Man; Everybody Loves Saturday Night; One Day We'll See Them (Campbell); Killiecrankie
Side Three: Goodbye Booze; Little Maggie; The Penny Whistle (Campbell); The Banjo Man (Campbell); Och, I'll Lay Ye Doon, Love; Won't Get Drunk No More; Farewell to Glasgow City (Campbell)
Side Four: Tie the Ruck Wi' Me (Andy Hunter); Matt Highland; Freight Train Blues (Derroll Adams); Jock O'Hazeldean (Walter Scott); Sean O'Brian (Campbell); The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda (Eric Bogle)

all songs 'Trad. arr Campbell' unless otherwise indicated

The 'Studio' LP (Sides 3 and 4) is a reissue of 'Goodbye Booze' (Reca, RLP 5004, 1976), recorded at the Creative Sounds Studio, Copenhagen, on 6th and 7th November, 1975.

CRM (Burlington BUR002, 1979)
with Alan Roberts and Dougie MacLean

Side One: The Trooper and the Maid; I Lo'e Nae a Lassie But Ane; Jute Mill Song; her Fa La La Lo; Wha Widna Fecht for Charlie
Side Two: leis a Lurighan; Bonnie Mary; Rattlin' Roarin' Willie; Miss Elspeth Campbell/Alick C Macgregor; Jock Stewart; Little Song

all songs traditional

Alex Campbell (guitar, vocals, piano), Dougie MacLean (guitar, vocals, fiddle, bakuz), Alan Roberts (guitar, banjo, dulcimer, autoharp)

belg.jpg - 13Kb

Live In Belgium - celebrating his 25th year on the road (C.C.C. Records, CCC811, 1981)

Side One: May the Circle be unbroken; Gypsy Davie; The Banks are Made of Marble; Jock Stuart; The Kenny Boatman; Leaving Nancy
Side Two: I'll fly away; The Reuben James; Casey's last Ride; The Highland Division's Farewell to Sicily; My old Gibson Guitar; It's good to see you

all songs traditional

Alex Campbell (guitar, vocals) with Derroll Adams (backing vocals, banjo), Roland Van Campenhout (guitar, e-guitar), Jef Van Gool (bass)

respct.jpg - 11Kb

Alex Campbell - With the Greatest Respect (2LPs, Sundown SDLP 2.048, 1987)

A re-issue of both volumes of the This Is Alex Campbell LPs from 1971.

The Alex Campbell Tribute Concert (2 CD, T Records TCD 007, 1997)

CD One: Allan Taylor - Been On the Road Too Long (Campbell); Johnny Silvo - Midnight Special; I'll Fly Away; The McCalmans - Mingulay Boat Song; Air Fa La La Lo; Mike Silver/Allan Taylor: When I Paint My Masterpiece (Dylan); Allan Taylor - Leaving London (Paxton); Phil Jackson - Gresford Disaster; Ensemble - Pack Up Your Sorrows; This Land Is Your Land (Guthrie); Scandinavian Section - Roisin Dhu; Hav Og Himmel; Det Haver Saa Nyligen
CD Two: Iain MacKintosh - I Wish I Was In Glasgow (Billy Connolly); Iain MacKintosh & Hamish Imlach - Everybody Loves Saturday Night (MacKintosh/Imlach/Gema); The McCalmans - Doon In the Wee Room; Dougie MacLean - Bonnie Bessie Logan; Allan Taylor - Hold On to Me (Paxton) My Old Gibson Guitar (Campbell); Ensemble - Been On the Road Too Long (Campbell); Allan Taylor/Mike Silver - Gently Does It (Rab Noakes); Iain MacKintosh - No More Stravaigin' (Gibb Todd); Ensemble - It's Good To See You (Allan Taylor)

Recorded at the Skagen Festival on 2nd July, 1995.

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