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Alex Campbell 5

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Best Loved Songs ('63)
Way Out West LP ('63)
Way Out West EP ('64)
Folk Session ('64)
Alex Campbell ('64)

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This Is...1 ('71)
This Is...2 ('71)
At His Best ('72)
Life Is That Way ('72)
Unity Creates Strength ('72)
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Favourite Songs ('65)
Sing Folk ('65)
Copenhagen ('65)
Best British ('67)
Best Scottish ('67)
Tivoli Gardens ('67)
And Friends ('67)

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Goodbye Booze ('75)
Big Daddy ('76)
No Regrets ('76)
Trad Ballads ('77)
Best Scottish... ('78)
Det er Godt... ('79)
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Folk Scene ('67)
Live ('68)
Breakaway ('68)
Sampler ('69)
Alex Campbell ('69)
Scottish Folk Scene (n.d.)

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Live & Studio ('79)
CRM ('79)
Live In Belgium ('81)
Greatest Respect ('87)
Tribute Concert ('97)

Goodbye Booze (RECA, 1975)

Side One: Goodbye Booze; Little Maggie; The Penny Whistle (Campbell); The Banjo Man (Campbell); Och, I'll Lay Ye Doon, Love; Won't Get Drunk No More; Farewell to Glasgow City (Campbell)
Side Two: Tie the Ruck Wi' Me (Andy Hunter); Matt Highland; Freight Train Blues (Derroll Adams); Jock O'Hazeldean (Walter Scott); Sean O'Brian (Campbell); The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda (Eric Bogle)

With Tom Luke and Jens Rugsted.

Big Daddy of Folk Music (Antagon LP 3206, 1976)
with The Tannahill Weavers (Roy Gullane, Dougie McLean, Hudson Swan, Phil Smillie) and Michael Reinhardt

Side One: Declaration of Arbroath/The Flooers o' the Forest (Jane Elliott); Blackwaterside; The Rigs o' Rye; A Man's A Man For A' That (Robert Burns); Bogie's Bonnie Belle
Side Two: The Flooer o' Northumberland; Open Your Door Softly; Robbie Dear (Campbell); The Shearin's No For You; Mrs McGraw Updated (Trad/Campbell); Instrumental Medley

All songs 'Trad. arr. Campbell', except where indicated

noreg.jpg - 12Kb

No Regrets (Look Records LKLP 6043, 1976)

Side One: No Regrets; Old Joe; I'm Still trying to Help in My Way; The Auld Balena; Gypsy Song Man
Side Two: In the Morning; Cunlah Dear; The Trimdon Grange Explosion; Lady Gay; The Writing of Tipperary

With Dave Townsend (concertina), Tom McConville (fiddle), Jeremy Wolstenholme (guitar, mandolin), Roy Barber (pedal steel), Malcolm Laws (bass, flute), Gordon Tyrell: (guitar, flute, whistle), Roger Sutcliffe: (guitar)

Traditional Ballads of Scotland (Sweet Folk and Country SFA 095, 1977)

Side One: The Battle of Otterbourne; The Twa Corbies; Bonnie James Campbell; Wae's Me For Chairlie; King Fareweel; I Will Go
Side Two: Bonnie Bessie Logan; The Gypsy Laddie; Bonnie Glenshee; Lord Gregory; Fareweel, Fareweel; A Scottish Settler's Lament

all songs traditional.

With Phil Beer, Paul Downes and Derek Smith.

Transatlantic Best of Scottish Folk

Best of Scottish Folk (Transatlantic MTRA 2003, 1978)
with Hamish Imlach, The McCalmans, Owen Hand, Ian Campbell Group, Isla Cameron, Watt Nicoll, Archie Fisher, Dave Swarbrick, Matt McGinn

Side One: The Banks of Claudy

All songs traditional except where indicated

godt.jpg - 4Kb

Det er Godt at se Dig (STUK 431, 1979)

Side One: Good to see you; Anna Lovinda; Old Sea Captain; Bonnie Wee Lassie o' Skagen; Rosevell Fair; The little red Rose
Side Two: When I paint my Masterpiece; The Black Schooner; Saga of Qudtligssat; Jeg kan se pa dine ojne; Mingulay Boat song; Annie Laurie

With Tom Buhman, Niels Hausgaard and Jens Nielsen.

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