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Alex Campbell 3

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Best Loved Songs ('63)
Way Out West LP ('63)
Way Out West EP ('64)
Folk Session ('64)
Alex Campbell ('64)


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This Is...1 ('71)
This Is...2 ('71)
At His Best ('72)
Life Is That Way ('72)
Unity Creates Strength ('72)
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Favourite Songs ('65)
Sing Folk ('65)
Copenhagen ('65)
Best British ('67)
Best Scottish ('67)
Tivoli Gardens ('67)
And Friends ('67)

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Goodbye Booze ('75)
Big Daddy ('76)
No Regrets ('76)
Trad Ballads ('77)
Best Scottish ('78)
Det er Godt... ('79)
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Folk Scene ('67)
Live ('68)
Breakaway ('68)
Sampler ('69)
Alex Campbell ('69)
Scottish Folk Scene (n.d.)

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Live & Studio ('79)
CRM ('79)
Live In Belgium ('81)
Greatest Respect ('87)
Tribute Concert ('97)

Folk Scene

Folk Scene (FSP001, n.d.)
with Malcolm Price Trio; Martin Carthy; John Pearse; Shirley Collins; Bill Clifton; Owen Hand; Nigel Denver; Stanley, Wiseman and Jones; The Leesiders; Colin Wilkie; John Foreman

Side Two: Chicago Fire Tragedy


Alex Campbell 'Live' (Saga EROS 8028, 1968)

Side One: Introductions including Et Maintenant; Wild Rover; Victoria Dines Alone; The Nightingale; The Durham Lockout; New York Gals
Side Two: Pack Up Your Sorrows; All For Me Grog; Hold On To Me Babe; The Blackbird; The Heavenly Shore; The Coal-Owner & the Pitman's Wife; Pleasant and delightful

with David Moses (bass) and Roger Evans (guitar)

The Scottish Breakaway (Hallmark HM.573, 1968)

Side One: Scottish Breakaway; Instr: Scotland the Brave; Wee Magic Stane (McEvoy); Jute Mill Song; Jeannie MacPherson; Blantryre Explosion
Side Two: Jolly Beggarman; Freedom Come All Ye (title erroneously given as Weary Life); Maid to the Mill; Weel May the Keel Row; MacPherson's Rant (Campbell); Rob Roy Macgregor

All songs 'Copyright Control' except where indicated


Alex Campbell Sampler (Transatlantic TRA SAM 6, 1969)

Side One: Been on the Road So Long (Campbell); I'm A Rover; The Overgate; Round Cape Horn; Plane Wreck at Los Gatos (Guthrie); My Old Gibson Guitar (Campbell)
Side Two: Love Is Teasing; Glesca Peggy; John Gordon; Kissing in the Dark; My Singing Bird; Why O Why (Guthrie); Don't You Put Me Down (Campbell)

all songs 'Trad. arr Campbell' unless otherwise indicated

This possibly has Martin Carthy playing on it, but uncredited.

Alex Campbell (Xtra, 1969)

A selection of songs from other albums.


Scottish Folk Scene (2 LP, Metronome Records DALP 2/1955, no year)
with Eddie Furey, Ian Campbell Folk Group, Archie Fisher, Hamish Imlach, The Johnstons, Luke Kelly, Watt Nicoll

Side One: I'm a Rover (trad arr Campbell)
Side Two: Mormond Braes (trad arr Campbell)
Side Four: Love Is Teasin' (trad arr Campbell)

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