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Alex Campbell 2

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Best Loved Songs ('63)
Way Out West LP ('63)
Way Out West EP ('64)
Folk Session ('64)
Alex Campbell ('64)

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This Is...1 ('71)
This Is...2 ('71)
At His Best ('72)
Life Is That Way ('72)
Unity Creates Strength ('72)
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Favourite Songs ('65)
Sing Folk ('65)
Copenhagen ('65)
Best British ('67)
Best Scottish ('67)
Tivoli Gardens ('67)
And Friends ('67)

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Goodbye Booze ('75)
Big Daddy ('76)
No Regrets ('76)
Trad Ballads ('77)
Best Scottish ('78)
Det er Godt... ('79)
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Folk Scene ('67)
Live ('68)
Breakaway ('68)
Sampler ('69)
Alex Campbell ('69)
Scottish Folk Scene (n.d.)

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Live & Studio ('79)
CRM ('79)
Live In Belgium ('81)
Greatest Respect ('87)
Tribute Concert ('97)

Alex Campbell, Colin Wilkie and Shirley Hart Sing Folk (Presto PRE 648, 1965)

Side One: The Bonnie Ship the Diamond; The Blarney Stone; Johnny Lad; The Buffalo Skinners; Drinkin's Ower Risky; Tae the Beggin' I Will Go
Side Two: The Gallows Tree; Pleasant and Delightful; The Carlton Weaver; Johnny Harg; The Gentleman Soldier

Alex Campbell, Colin Wilkie, Shirley Hart with John Pearse, Ian McCann, Peter Maynard, hennessy, Tony McCarthy and Johnnie Orange

cope.jpg - 5Kb

Alex Campbell in Copenhagen (Storyville SLP 600, 1965)

Side One: Colours; Rambling Boy; Oggie Man; 1913 Massacre; Been on the road; Verdant Braes of Skreen
Side Two: John Riley; Lang a growin'; Whistling Rufus/Double Eagle; Roll down the Line; Leaving of Liverpool

all songs traditional unless otherwise indicated

With Cy Nicklin (guitar), Maia Aarskov (flute, accordion)

Best British

The Best of British Folk Music (XTRA 1031, c1967)
with Lorna Campbell; Luke Kelly; Isla Cameron; Owen Hand; The Dubliners; Bert Jansch; Leon Rosselson; Ian Campbell

Side One: Kissing In the Dark (trad)


The Best of Scottish Folk Music (XTRA 1053, 1967)
with Lorna Campbell; Luke Kelly; Isla Cameron; Owen Hand; Matt McGinn; Bert Jansch; Hamish Imlach; Ian Campbell

Side Two: The Overgate (trad)

tivoli.jpg - 18Kb

At the Tivoli Gardens (Storyville 671 207, 1967)

Side One: Cindy's Cryin'; Candy Man; Needle of Death; Tom Thumbs Blues; First Time Ever; The Time has Come
Side Two: Where I'm bound; Champion at Keeping them Rolling; Long Gone from Home; Strolling Down the highway; He Was a Most Peculiar Man; Sally Free and Easy

with Cy Nicklin (guitar), Robert Lelievre (guitar), Leif Sjöberg (bass)

Alex Campbell and Friends (Saga EROS 8021, 1967)

Side One: Down In the Mine (Dark As a Dungeon) (Travis); Midnight Special; Corn, Bread, Peas and Black Molasses; Freight Train; The False Bride; Don't Think Twice (Dylan); Chilly Winds; Blue Sleeves
Side Two: Dick Derby; You Never Wanted Me (Frank); Been On the Road So Long (Campbell); Dinks Song; This Train; Tell Old Bill; Freedom

with Sandy Denny, The Johnny Silvo Folk Group (Johnny Silvo, David Moses, Roger Evans), Cliff Aungier and Paul McNeill

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