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Alex Campbell

1925 - 1987, Scottish folksinger

This Alex Campbell discography is based on my own collection of records, and those of friends around the world who also love Alex's music. Click on the titles below for more details. With special thanks to Erich Nestler, Susanne Kalweit and Jim McLean.

Nigel Gatherer

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Best Loved Songs ('63)
Way Out West LP ('63)
Way Out West EP ('64)
Folk Session ('64)
Alex Campbell ('64)

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This Is...1 ('71)
This Is...2 ('71)
At His Best ('72)
Life Is That Way ('72)
Unity Creates Strength ('72)
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Favourite Songs ('65)
Sing Folk ('65)
Copenhagen ('65)
Best British Folk
Best Scottish Folk
Tivoli Gardens ('67)
And Friends ('67)

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Goodbye Booze ('75)
Big Daddy ('76)
No Regrets ('76)
Trad Ballads ('77)
Best Scottish... ('78)
Det er Godt... ('79)
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Folk Scene ('67)
Live ('68)
Breakaway ('68)
Sampler ('69)
Alex Campbell ('69)
Scottish Folk Scene (n.d.)

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Live & Studio ('79)
CRM ('79)
Live In Belgium ('81)
Greatest Respect ('87)
Tribute Concert ('97)

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Chansons Populaires des Etats-Uni (Unidisc 25119, 1958)

Side One: Old Time Religion; No More Cane On the Brazis; East Virginia Blues; Battle Ship of Maine
Side Two: John Henry; Freight Train; Foggy Mountain Top; Pretty Polly


Alex Campbell: vocals, guitar with Joe Locker (banjo)

The Best Loved Songs of Bonnie Scotland (Society SOC 936, 1963)

Side One: The Nut Brown Maiden; Wi' a Hundred Pipers; The Skye Boat Song; The Bluebells of Scotland; Ye Banks and Braes; Johnny Cope; Come O'er the Stream, Charlie; Will Ye No Come Back Again
Side Two: The Dundee Weaver; Twa Heids Are Better Than Yin; The Piper O' Dundee; The Land O' the Leal; Gin I Were Where the Gadie Runs; The Wark O' the Weavers; Leezie Lindsay; The Wee Cooper O' Fife

all songs traditional

*This album was also issued as 16 Best Loved Songs of Bonnie Scotland (Boulevard 4007, 1971)

Way Out West 12

Way Out West L.P. (Society SOC 912, 1963)

Side A: Wabash Cannonball; Careless Love; Bowling Green; On Top of old Smoky; Old Chisholm Trail; Streets of Laredo; Jesse James
Side B: Down in the Valley; Orange Blossom Special; Banks of the Ohio; Frozen Logger; Barbara Allen; St. James Infirmary Blues; Railroad Bill; John Hardy

With Gerry Loughran (guitar), Royd Rivers (harmonica), David Laibman (guitar, 5-string banjo), Ian McCann (mandolo, mandolin, autoharp)

west.jpg - 6Kb

Way Out West E.P. (Society, 1964)

With Gerry Cochrane and David Laibman

Side A: The Wabash Canonball; The Streets of Laredo
Side B: The Old Chisholm Trail; Jesse James

An Alex Campbell Folk Session (Society SOC 960, 1964)

Side One: Johnny Lad; The Gentleman Soldier; The Bonny Ship the Diamond; The Gresford Disaster; Tae the Beggin' I Will Go; Engine 143; Turra Merket
Side Two: Captain Kidd; Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go; Willie More; The Calton Weaver; Tramps and Hawkin' Lads; I Wished I Was a Rock; Drinkin's Ower Risky (new words by Alex Campbell)

all songs traditional unless otherwise indicated

Alex Campbell (vocal, guitar, banjo) with Hennessy, Tony McCarthy, Ian McCann, Johnny Orange

ac1.jpg - 9Kb

Alex Campbell (XTRA 1014, 1964)

Side One: Love is Teasin'; I'm a Rover; Peggy; John Gordon; Mormond Braes; Willie's Drowned in Yarrow
Side Two: Kissing in the Dark; Old Maid in a Garret; The Overgate; Lass of Kelvinhaugh; The False Bride; Baron of Brackley

all songs traditional

Alex Campbell (vocal, guitar, banjo) with Martin Carthy (guitar), Louis Killen (concertina)

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