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There have been some notable whistlers in Scottish folk, traditional and dance music, and I have attempted to find out about those musicians, and any other anecdotes, scandal and history regarding the whistle in Scotland. This is a big job, as you can imagine, and I have just scratched the surface. These pages will be expanded in time, and I'd love to hear your suggestions, stories, etc (email me).

Last updated: 10th March 2006

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Peter Boond   Ceolbeg.
Rory Campbell   Old Blind Dogs, Caledon, Deaf Shepheard.
John Carruthers   From The Borders.
Biography |

Norman Chalmers   Easy Club, Jock Tamson's Bairns
Discography |

Tony Cuffe   Alba, Ossian.
Discography |

Phil Cunningham   Silly Wizard
Discography |

John Dickie   Aberdeenshire. Brother of respected fiddler James F Dickie, with whom he performed as part of a concert party.
Colin Douglas   Whistle champion at Kirriemuir Festival 1983/1984.
Marc Duff   Capercaillie
Mark Dunlop   Malinky.
Gordon Duncan   Aberdeenshire.
Helen Forbes   Foundry Bar Band.
John Gahagan   Kentigern/Battlefield Band
Discography |

Munro Gauld   Perthshire.
Annie Grace   The Iron Horse
Alex Green   Aberdeenshire.
Jimmy Greenan   Edinburgh.
Biography |

Kenny Hadden   Aberdeen. Possibly Scotland's most knowledgable whistle and flute player.
Will Hastie   Lanarkshire.
Brendan Hyde  
Billy Jackson   Ossian.
Discography |

George Jackson   Ossian.
Discography |

Alan "Spud" Jenkins   Played with Burn the Witch in the 1980s.
Nick Keir   Finn Mac Cuill, The MacAlmans.
Willie Kemp   Recording star of the 1920s and 30s, played many small instruments, including whistle.
Biography/Discography |

Rebecca Knorr   Culluna, Islander.
Aimee Leonard   Anam.
Leo McCann   Box player with Malinky, he also plays whistles and low whistle.

Iain Macdonald   Ossian.
Discography |

Jimmy MacFarlane   Fiddler and whistler with the Jim Macleod Band.
Biography |

Duncan MacGillivray
Battlefield Band.
Ken MacKay   The Livingstones.
Discography |

Iain MacInnes   Tannahill Weavers, Smalltalk, Ossian.
Jock MacLean   Glasgow.
Alan MacLeod   Tannahill Weavers.
Watt Nicoll   Folk singer with origins in Glasgow and Dundee.
Biography | Discography |

Sean O'Rourke   Alba, JSD Band.
Discography |

Dougie Pincock   The Battlefield Band.
Peter Pratt   Orkney.
Billy Ross   Ossian.
Discography |

Phil Smillie   Tannahill Weavers.
Carl Volti  
Biography |
Mike Ward   Heritage.
Arthur Watson   The Gaugers.
Gary West   Ceolbeg.
Wee Willie White   19th century Glaswegian whistler.
Biography |

Robin Williamson   Incredible String Band.
Roy Williamson  
Biography |

Jim Yardley   Bully Wee.
Discography |

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