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  Jimmy Shand Discography: 78rpm (Regal Zonophone)

js2.jpgIn 1933 while working for Forbes Music in Dundee, Jimmy Shand travelled to London to record some tracks for the Regal Zonophone label. The expense was underwritten by his employer Charlie Forbes. When Jimmy heard himself for the first time, he "knew right away I had a different style. In fact it lifted ma hert quite a bit that day, just tae hear it."

I'm unsure of how many Zonophone discs were actually released, but it's possible that it was only the two listed below. Any further information would be gratefully received (email me).

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Code Description
78 78rpm records in my collection

c 1933
CAR.2411 The Drunken Piper; Laird of Drumblair; Deil Among the Tailors Regal Zono MR 1388 78
CAR.2412 Set of Jigs
Atholl Highlanders; Rakes of Kildare; Teviot Bridge
Regal Zono MR 1387 78
CAR.2413 Set of Reels
Intro; Punchbowl; My Love She's But a Lassie Yet; Fair Maid of Perth
Regal Zono MR 1388 78
CAR.2414 Londerry Hornpipe; High Level Hornpipe
Regal Zono MR 1387 78