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  Jimmy Shand Discography: Singles

This small discography of Jimmy Shand 7 inch single records is based on my own collection. Shand was extremely prolific, and I'm sure that there are many more I have to find. Few of them are dated, so there is some guesswork involved.

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Matrix Title (Composer) Label Cat No. Misc
7XCE 15946 Sing In the New Year
Scotland the Brave; Uist Tramping Song; We're No' Awa' Tae Bide Awa'
Parlophone 45-R4382  
7XCE 15947 Sing In the New Year
A Guid New Year/Auld Lang Syne
Parlophone 45-R4382  
JIMMY SHAND (solo accordion), with instrumental accompaniment
7XCE 16082 Whistling Rufus (Mills) Parlophone 45-R4452 (2)
7XCE 16083 Shufflin' Samuel (Felix Burns) Parlophone 45-R4452 (2)
7XCE 16117 Memories of Scott Skinner - Waltz
The Cradle Song; Our Highland Queen; The Duchess Tree
Parlophone 45-R4466  
7XCE 16118 Lord Lovat's Lament; The Meeting of the Waters Parlophone 45-R4466  
7XCE 16314 The Jimmy Shand Polka (Shand) Parlophone 45-R4564  
7XCE 16315 Quarry Knowe Waltz
Auld Quarry (Hendrie); Mary (Richardson); My Ain Wee House (Munro)
Parlophone 45-R4564  
7XCE 16358 Fluther's Barn Dance (Urquhart) Parlophone 45-R4576 (2)
7XCE 16359 Accordion Polka (Santa) Parlophone 45-R4576 (2)
7XCE 16502 Para Handy (Gourlay) Parlophone 45-R4658  
7XCE 16503 The 6.20 Two Step (Shand) Parlophone 45-R4658  
7XCE 17209 The Bonnie Strathyre Waltz
Bonnie Strathyre; Rothesay Bay; Bonnie Gallowa' (Hornsby)
Parlophone 45-R4978  
7XCE 17210 Rag Time Medley Parlophone 45-R4978  
7XCE 17397 The Stein Song (Fenstad); Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty (Mills Scott-Godfrey) Parlophone R5050  
7XCE 17398 La Cumparista - Square Tango (Rodriguez) Parlophone R5050  
7XCE 17557 The White Heather Jig (Shand) Parlophone R5086  
7XCE 17558 The Baldoven Reel
The Baldovan Reel (Low); Lady Mackenzie of Coul; Drumleys
Parlophone R5086  
7XCE 17774 Holyrood House
Holyrood (Gourlay); Miss Maria Stewart's Jig; Forres' Country Dance (Gourlay)
Parlophone R5188  
7XCE 17775 Balmoral Strathspey
Balmoral (Gourlay); The Firth of Forth; Cathkin Braes
Parlophone R5188