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  Peter and Daniel Wyper

This discography is based upon the sources listed below. There is an excellent article about the Wyper brothers on the Musical Traditions web site ( Dates and personnel information from Keith Chandler.

Code Description
78 78rpm records in my collection
vMG LP, Melodeon Greats Topic Records, 1978. A compilation of recordings from various 78rpm recording artists.
dMG CD, Melodeon Greats Topic Records. A re-release of the above LP with some extra tracks.
cMM cassette, Melodeon Maestros (Sleepytown Records SLPYHT008T, c1999)
cSE1 cassette, Misc 78s from 78s belonging to Stuart Eydmann
cDS1 cassette, The Wyper Brothers from 78s belonging to David South
cKT1 cassette, The Wyper Brothers from 78s belonging to Kim Tebble
aKC2 article, Melodeon Discography Sent to me by Keith Chandler.
cdSB CD, Sook and Blaw Ythan Music Trust, 2001. A compilation of 78rpm recordings.

PETER WYPER (melodeon) acc. prob. James Wyper (pno)
prob. [?18] November 1907
26216 Lady Mary Ramsay Co-D-F D202 78 cMM
cKT1 cdSB
R435 Lord Lynedoch
(Strathspey and Hornpipe)
Regal G6955 78
R436 Marquess of Huntly Reel and Jig Co-Rena 1184 cDS1
R437 Strathspey Co-Rena 1184 cDS1
26220 Highland Schottische     cMM
R446 Father O'Flynn
(Irish Jig)
Regal G6961 78 cdSB
R447 Duncan Davidson
Regal G6961 78
26224 Highland Fling Co-D-F D202 78, cMM cKT1
PETER WYPER (melodeon) acc. prob. James Wyper (pno)
prob. [?5] August 1908
26463 The Strangers March     cMM vMG
26469 Lady Ann Hope; Mason's Apron; Blackthorn Stick     cKT1
26470 Royal Belfast Hornpipe     cKT1
R 432 Selections of Hornpipes Regal G6954 78 cDS1
R 433 Selections of Jigs Regal G6954 78
Selections of Scottish Airs Regal G6955 78, cMM
DANIEL WYPER (melodeon)
prob. March 1910
26852 Waltz Hibernia Regal G6999 cKT1
PETER WYPER (melodeon)
prob. March 1910
26857 Petronella, Country Dance Regal G6968 78
26861 Lion Quadrilles - Fig. 3 Regal G6970 cDS1
26862 Lion Quadrilles - Fig. 4 -- -- vMG
26864 Lion Quadrilles - Fig. 6 Co-Rena 1483 78
26866 When You and I Were Young Regal G6967 cKT1
DANIEL WYPER (melodeon)
prob. March 1910
26871 Fair Intaly Waltzes Regal G6998 cKT1
26872 The Boston Two-Step Regal G6998 cKT1
26875 Humours of Donnybrook; Stool of Repentance;
Blackthorn Stick; Pet of the Piper
Regal G7000 cDS1
PETER WYPER (melodeon)
c. April 1910
26940 La Varsovania Co-Rena 1483 78
26941 Auld Robin Gray Hornpipe Regal G6968 78
PETER WYPER (melodeon)
c. December 1911
27711 Soldier's Return and Hornpipes Regal G6981 cKT1
27712 Silver Ivy Waltzes RegalZ G6980 cSE1
27713 79th Highlanders & Champion Marché Regal G6982 78 vMG
27714 Lord McDonalds Reel and Jig RegalZ G6980 cSE1
27715 O, Nannie, Wilt Thou Gang Wi' Me? Regal G6982 78
27716 Shean Trews Regal G6974 cSE1
27717 Sword Dance Regal G6974 cSE1
27727 Jeanie's Black E'e and Jig Regal G6977 cDS1
27728 Beaconsfield Polka Regal G6978 78
27729 Selection of Irish Dances Regal G6975 cKT1
27731 Dancing On the Pier Co-Rena 1768 cKT1
27732 Selection of Irish Airs Regal G6975 cKT1
27733 Bonnie Banchory Regal G6978 78
27743 Selection of Scotch Dances Regal G6977 cDS1
PETER WYPER (melodeon)
c. May 1912
28084 Pibroch of Donald Dhu; I Lost My Love; Captain White
Regal G6987 cKT1
28086 Eightsome Reel
Clean Pea Strae; Punch Bowl; Speed the Plough; Wind That
Shakes the Barley; Mrs McLeod; Fairy Dance
Regal G6985 78
28087 Duke of Athol; Blue Bonnets Over the Border; Donald's Awa Tae the War Regal G6987 cKT1
28088 Mary of Argyle Solo and Jenkin's Hornpipe Regal G6985 78
28090 The Flappers, One or Two Step
(Felix Burns)
Regal G6983 78 cKT1
28096 Tight Little Island; Laird o' Cockpen; The Brau Young Man
Regal G6991 cDS1
28097 Stirling Castle Reel & Jig
Regal G6959 78
28098 Flowers of Edinburgh Country Dance
Regal G6959 78
28099 Blackthorn Stick Quadrilles Jig Time
Regal G6991 cDS1
28100 Uncle Joshua, One or Two Step
(Felix Burns)
Regal G6983 78 cKT1
28101 Starlit Dell March
Regal G6948 78 cKT1
28102 Red, Red Rose March
Regal G6948 78 cKT1
PETER WYPER (melodeon)
prob. [?22] October 1913
28545 Doon the Burn March
Regal G6951 vMG
28546 The Dancing Dustman, Two Step
(Felix Burns)
Regal G6996 78 cMM vMG
28547 La Parisienne Valse Regal G6993 cKT1
28548 The Veleta Valse
(Felix Burns)
Regal G6992 78
28551 Lady Madelaine Sinclair Strathspey, Reel & Jig Regal G6994 cDS1
28552 Highland Whiskey Strathspey, Reel, and Jig Regal G6992 78
28553 Auld Reekie Schottische Regal G6994 cDS1
28554 Johnson Hornpipe and Others Regal G6993 cKT1
28555 Lochnagar & Claydeside Lassies Regal G6996 78
PETER WYPER (melodeon)
c. July 1915
29783 Silverton Polka
Regal G 7142 vMG cDS1
29784 Miss Elspith Campbell; Lord MacDonald -
Bagpipe marches
Regal G 7145 cKT1
29785 Inverness Gathering Bagpipe March
Regal G 7142 cDS1
29795 The Rover Quickstep
Regal G 7145 cKT1
DANIEL WYPER (melodeon) acc. unknown (pno)
11 October 1926
4495-1 Roll Her On the Hill; Soldier's Joy; Clean Pea Strae; Fairy Dance     cMM dMG
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