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  Pamby Dick

This discography is based on the sources listed below.

Code Description
78 78rpm records in my collection
cDS2 cassette, 78rpm Recordings from 78s in the collection of David South
cSE1 cassette, Misc 78s from 78s belonging to Stuart Eydmann
cMM cassette, Melodeon Maestros (Sleepytown Records SLPYHT008T, c1999)

PAMBY DICK (melodeon)
mid 1918
6168 Irish Reels     cMM
6170 Stirling Castle Homophon 630 cMM cSE1
6162 Medley of Irish Jigs Homophon 630 cSE1
PAMBY DICK (melodeon)
unknown date
60214 The Flowers of the Forest Rondophone 1011 cDS2
60214 The Dublin Hornpipe; Gaity Hornpipe Rondophone 1011 cDS2