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  James Brown

This discography is based on the sources listed below.

Code Description
78 78rpm records in my collection
NM 78s belonging to Neil MacGregor
cKT2 cassette, James Brown 1 from 78s belonging to Kim Tebble

JAMES BROWN (melodeon), acc. unknown (pno)
13 January 1909, London
T-5902 Thistle Schottische Zonophone Twin 115 NM
T-5903 Johnson Hornpipe; High Level Hornpipe Zonophone Twin 115 NM
T-5094 The Favourite Hornpipe Zonophone 116 NM
T-5095 Jack's the Lad Zonophone 116 NM
JAMES BROWN (melodeon), acc. unknown (pno)
19 April 1911
X-49334 Within a Mile of Edinburgh Toon
Within a Mile of Edinburgh Toon; Laddie Wi' the Plaidie
Zonophone 712 cKT2
X-49333 Comin' Thro' the Rye
Comin' Thro' the Rye; The Auld Hoose; Up In the Morning Early
Zonophone 712 cKT2
X-49341 Scottish Jigs
The Gobbie O; Scotch Jig
Zonophone 716 cKT2
X-49342 Irish Jigs
Paddy O'Rafferty; The Humours of Donnybrook; Irish Reel
Zonophone 716 cKT2
JAMES BROWN (melodeon), acc. unknown (pno)
January 1912
X-49359 Kelvin Strathspey
Green Grow the Rashes; Kelvingrove; Charlie Is My Darling
Zonophone 846 cKT2
X-49360 Country Dance
My Love Is But a Lassie Yet; Duncan Gray
Zonophone 847 cKT2
X-49361 Memories o' Burns
Rantin' Rovin' Robin; My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose; O Whistle and I'll
Come Tae Ye, My Lad; Ye Banks and Braes
Zo-Tw 847 78
X-49362 Memories o' Scott
Zo-Tw 847 78
X-49363 Edina Waltz
Logie o' Buchan; Scots Wha Hae; Will Ye No Come Back Again
Zonophone 848 78
X-49364 Eightsome Reel
Kate Dalrymple; Corn Rigs
Zonophone 848 78
JAMES BROWN (melodeon), acc. unknown (pno)
27 November 1912
X-49412 Burns Hornpipe; Peter Street Hornpipe Zonophone 1146 cKT2
X-49413 Rob Roy's Reel; De'il Among the Tailors Zonophone 1146 cKT2
X-49421 Irish Jigs
Smash the Windows; Irish jig; Irish reel
Zonophone 1150 cKT2
X-49421 Irish reels
Turkey In the Straw; Irish reel
Zonophone 1150 cKT2
JAMES BROWN (melodeon), acc. unknown (pno)
prob. 20 September 1918
5872 Shuffling Sammy Winner 3306 78
5873 Veleta Waltz Winner 3306 78
5878 Highland Schottische
Lad Wi' the Plaidie; schottische
Winner 3308 cKT2
5879 Laird of Drumblair
Laird of Drumblair; Mrs MacLeod
Winner 3308 cKT2