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The Whistlebinkies

Scottish Folk Group

The Whistlebinkies (page under construction)

Stuart Eydmann had been in groups such as The Invernesky Firemen and Molendinar. Some of Whistlebinkie's recordings are detailed below:



The Whistlebinkies (Deacon DEA 1053, 1971)

Side One: Twa Recruiting Sergeants; Sherrif Muir; Cradle Song; James Conolly; Home Boys Home
Side Two: Banks of the Roses; Admiral Benbow; Sullivan John; Mormon Braes; The Boston Burgler

All songs traditional

Jim Daly (fiddle), Geordie McGovern (banjo, mandolin), Seane McGee (guitar), Michael Broderick (vocals and effects)

Streets of Glasgow

Various: The Streets of Glasgow (Topic 12TS226, 1973)
with The Clutha, Gordeanna McCulloch, Flora MacNeill, Geordie McIntyre, Freddy Anderson, John Eaglesham

Side Two: Mick Broderick: The Ballad of the Q4 (Matt McGinn)

Mick Broderick (vocals) with Johnny Cameron (acoustic guitar)

Whistlebinkies and Ted

The Whistlebinkies and Ted McKenna (Amiga 8 45 127, n.d. - c.1975/6)

Side One: Rattlin' Roarin' Willie; Lament for the Viscount of Dundee/Duncan McKillop; Champion at Keeping them Rolling; Neil Gow's Lament for James Moray of Abercairney; The Haughs o' Cromdale; Mrs. McGrath the Sergeant Said
Side Two: Selection of Scottish Folk Dances; The Dirty Blackleg Miner; Brian Boru's March/The Road to Lisdoonvarna; Pig's Jig/Morrison's Jig/Do you want any more; Rocky Road to Dublin; Cam ye o'er frae France

All songs traditional

Jim Daly (vocals, fiddle), Gordon Hotchkiss (vocals, concertina), Rab Wallace (pipes, bodhran), Michael Broderick (vocals, bodhran), Edward McGuire (flute), Ted McKenna (guitar, vocals)


The Whistlebinkies (Claddagh Records CC22, 1977)

Side One: Alena MacAskill/MacDonald's Exercise/Jig of Slurs; Haughs O'Cromdale; Farewell to Nigg; Mrs MacLeod of Raasay/Mrs McGuire (McGuire);/Staten Island/Peat Fire Flame/Reel of Tulloch/High Road to Linton; The Battle of Sherriffmuir
Side Two: March of Brian Boru/Eileen Aroon/O'Keefe's/Morrison's Jig; Donald MacGillivray; Gillie Callum/The Barn Dance/Sleepy Maggie/The Blacksmith's Reel; The Royal Scottish Pipers/The Harper (McGuire);/The Traditional Reel/The Ness Pipers

All tracks traditional except where indicated.

Rab Wallace (pipes), Eddie McGuire (flute), Rae Siddall (fiddle), Mick Broderick (drums and vocals) with Charles Guard (clarsach) and Peter Anderson (drums)

Whistlebinkies 2

The Whistlebinkies 2 (Claddagh Records CC31, 1980)

Side One: The Linen Cap/Ghlass Ault/The Killearn Reel/Waukin' o' the Fauld/The Weaving Reel (McGuire); The Bonnie Moorhen; Duncan Johnstone's Strathspey (Rab Wallace)/John Mac Kechnie/Mrs MacPherson of Inveran (G S MacLennan); The Marquis of Huntly's Strathspey (Marshall)/Sir Ronald MacDonald's Reel/The Penny Wedding (Nath Gow); Phiutharag 'sa Phiuthar (Sister, Oh Sister); Andrew Wallace (Rab Wallace)/Broderick's Bodhran (Rab Wallace)
Side Two: Great Is the Cause of My Sorrow; John MacDonald of Glencoe (William Lawrie)/Mrs MacDonald of Dunach (William Lawrie); Gealach nan Eilean (Island Moon); The Fossil Grove (Bob Nelson)/Sir John Henderson (Niel Gow)/Miss Hannah's Jig (Marshall)/The Sailor's Wife; Freedom Come All Ye (Hamish Henderson)

All tracks traditional except where indicated.

Eddie McGuire (flute), Rab Wallace (lowland pipes), Rhona MacKay (clarsach, vocals), Mick Broderick (drums and vocals) Bob Nelson (fiddle) and Peter Anderson (Scottish side drum)

Whistlebinkies 3

The Whistlebinkies 3 (Claddagh Records CC34, 1981)

Side One: The Lewis Jig/Duncan MacKillop/Granny Macleod; The Twa Corbies; The Ladies' Hornpipe/Lowe's(Marshall)/Duncan Johnstone (Donald Macleod); Nathaniel Gow's Lament for the Death of his Brother (Nathaniel Gow)/Glenlivet/The Three Peaks of South Uist (John Scott); Ane Ground; The Sheepwife
Side Two: Clean Pease Strae/The Keel Row/The Bowmore Reel (or Miss Girdle)/The Whistlebinkies' Reel (Rab Wallace)/Devonshire Terrace (Rab Wallace); There'll Never Be Peace Until Jamie Comes Hame; The Hare in the Corn/The Road to Lisdoonvarna/Ar Eirinn ni Neosfainn Ce Hi (For ireland I'll Not Tell Her Name)/The Killarney Boys of Pleasure/ Jackie Coleman's Reel/Farewell to Erin; MacBeth (Eddie McGuire)

All tracks traditional except where indicated.

Peter Anderson (Scottish side drum), Mick Broderick (bodhran, vocals) Stuart Eydmann (fiddle, concertinas), Mark Hayward (fiddle), Eddie McGuire (flute), , Rhona MacKay (clarsach), Rab Wallace (lowland pipes)


The Whistlebinkies 4 (Claddagh Records CC43, 1985)

Side One: The Low Country Jig/The Lads o' Dunse/Woo'ed an Married an' A'/I Hae a Wife o' My Ain/Follow Her O'er the Border; Sir John Fenwick; An Cota Ruadh (The Redcoat)/Reel of Bogie/The Fiddler (D Macleod)/Miss Victoria Ross/Bellany's Brush (Stuart Eydmann)/Mairin Ni Dhubhain (Stuart Eydmann)/The Straits of Corfu (Eddie McGuire)/Pipe Major Calum Campbell (PM Angus MacDonald); Ailein Duinn (Brown-haired Alan); MacDonald of the Isles
Side Two: Highland River (Eddie McGuire)/The Rubic Cube (Roddy MacDonald); Gwerz An Ene Reiz/Person Plouergat/An Dro; Dr Hugh Alexander Low of Tiree (Hugh Campbell)/Father John MacMillan of Barra (Norman MacDonald); For A' That and A' That (Burns);

All tracks traditional except where indicated.

Peter Anderson (Scottish side drum), Mick Broderick (bodhran, vocals) Stuart Eydmann (fiddle, concertinas), Mark Hayward (fiddle), Eddie McGuire (flute), , Judith Peacock (clarsach, vocals), Rab Wallace (lowland pipes, Scottish small pipes)

Whistlebinkies 5

The Whistlebinkies 5 (Claddagh Records CC50, 1988)

Side One: Auntie Cairistion (Iain MacPherson)/The Stool of Repentance/Cailleach Dudain; A Mhairead Og (Young Margaret)/Dominic McGowan (Duncan Johnstone); The Motley Crew (Stuart Finlayson)/The Black Maria (Eddie McGuire)/ Barlinnie Highlander (Rab Wallace); Jock O' Hazledean; The Foxhunter's Jig/ Rattlin' Roarin' Willie/Athol Highlanders
Side Two: John Roy Stuart/The Marquis of Tweedale's Reel/Miss Margaret Graham of Gartmore's Favourite/The Feetwashing; The Fiddler's Farewell (Eddie McGuire); The Winter Is Past; The Boys of Ballinahinch/Matt Molloy's/The Humours of Tulla/An Ancient Clan March/ Maidin Domhnaight (On Sunday Morning); Rolling Home to Caledonia; The Dogs Among the Bushes

All tracks traditional except where indicated.

Peter Anderson (Scottish side drum, sticks, vocals), Mick Broderick (bodhran, vocals), Stuart Eydmann (fiddle, concertina), Mark Hayward (fiddle), Eddie McGuire (flute, alto flute, piccolo), Rab Wallace (lowland pipes, Scottish small pipes) with Mary Ann Kennedy (clarsach, vocals) and Jo Miller (fiddle, vocals)


Anniversary (Claddagh Records CC54, 19??)

"This retrospective of the Whistlebinkies' work has been complied to celebrate their 15 year association with Claddagh Records. It includes 18 tracks of their best music and lasts for 72 minutes."