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Shegui: Around the World for Sport (Celtic Music CM005, 1980)

Side One: Eileen Riordan's/Jimmy Connors/Johnny Leary's; Tagliony; The Convenience Reel; The May Morning Dew/Sergeant Early's Dream; Old French/The Polka Quadrille/The Barn Dance
Side Two: The Farranfore Jigs/The Wizened Old Hag of the Glen/Sullivan's Polka; A Stor Mo Chroi; The Kylebrack Rambler/The Breton Lass/Richard Dwyer's; Tarrant's Polkas; The Bold Trooper; Jimmy Finnegan

Joan Coakly (fiddle, guitar, mouth organ, piano, harmonium); Sean Keane (lead vocals, tin whistle, bodhran); Willie Haines (concertina); Denis O'Rourke (bouzouki, guitar, mandolin, vocals); John Skelton (flute, tin whistle, bodhran)
with Jimmy Finnegan (Highland pipes)


Shegui: In the Wind (Highway SHP 105, 1984)

Side One: The Twa Corbies; The Fire In the Hearth (F Barbour)/Deux Melodies de Galorn; She's Like the Swallow; Father Kelly's Reel/Father Kelly's Jig (JD Skelton/GE Faux)/Anna Maguire (JD Skelton); Kitty/The Handsome Cat (TJ Smith)
Side Two: Mekedon Oro; The Press Gand/Bouree (Chabenat); Mick Johnson's Cottage (GE Faux)/The Three Stitches (GE Faux)/Captain MacDuff/Big Jim Sutherland of Thurso (GE Faux); Hugh the Graeme; The Farewell Reel (E Benoit)/The Watchmaker

Tom Smith (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, mandola, mandolin); George Faux (fiddles, viola, mandolin, mandola, vocal, acoustic and electric guitars); Brian Brookes (Oberheim OBXa synthesiser, electric pianos, bouzouki, acoustic guitar, whistle, vocal); John Skelton (flutes, whistles, bombarde, Overton Loc C whistle, bodhran)