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Scottish Folk Group
Some of Ossian's recordings are detailed below:



Contraband: Contraband (Transatlantic TRA 278, 1974)

Side One: Rattlin' Roarin' Willie; The Black Rogue/Sir Philip McHugh/ Alice Cooper's Favourite; Lady for Today (Rosemary Hardin); The Devil's Fiddle (John Martin); On the Road (Billy Jackson); The Spanish Cloak/ Pea-Pod McGinley/The Youngest Daughter; Alec's Interlude
Side Two: Stainforth Blues (John Martin/Peter Cairney); Come Up Smiling (Richard Digence); The Banks of Claudy; Edward Sayers' Brass Band (Richard Digence)

Mae McKenna, vocals; Peter Cairney, guitar; John Martin, fiddle; George Jackson, mandolin, accordion, guitar, fiddle, banjo; Billy Jackson, bass guitar, cello, double bass, vocal; Alec Baird, drums

Alba: Alba (Rubber Records RUB 021, 1977)

Side One: Glen Rinnes/The Jig of Slurs; The Overgate; Kings Favourite; Van Dieman's Land; The Mermaid's Song/John Murray of Lochee/Pipe Major George Allen
Side Two: The Blacksmith's Reel/The Star of Munster; Fear Ah Bhata; Drummond Castle/Paddy's Leather Breeches; Captain Ward; The Garten Mother's Lullaby; The Geese In the Bog/Dr McInees' Fancy

Alan Macleod (Highland bagpipes, bodhran), Tony Cuffe (guitar, lyre, whistle, vocals), Sean O'Rourke (vocals, bazouki, flute, whistle), Mike Ward (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals)

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Ossian: Ossian (Springthyme Records SPR 1004, 1977)

Side One: The Corncrake/I Hae a Wife O Ma Ain; Sitting In the Stern of a Boat (MacLeod); Ma Rovin Eye; O Mo Dhuthaich (McPhee)/Ossian's Lament; The 72nd Highlanders Farewell Tae Aberdeen/The Favourite Dram; Ae Fond Kiss (Burns)
Side Two: Brose and Butter/Monaghan Jig/Jackson's Bottle of Brandy; Music of Spey (Skinner); Let Me In This Ae Nicht; Spootaskerry (Ian Burns)/The Willow Kishie /Simon's Wart (Willie Hunter Sr); Oidche Mhath Leibh

Billy Jackson (Celtic harp, Uillean Pipes, whistle, vocals), John Martin (fiddle, mandolin, cello, vocals), George Jackson (fiddle, mandolin, flute, whistle, guitar, vocals), Billy Ross (lead vocals, guitar, whistle, dulcimer)

Ossian: St Kilda Wedding (Iona Records IR001, 1978)

Side One: The St Kilda Wedding/Perrie Werrie/The Honourable Mrs Moll's Reel; Gie Me a Lass Wi a Lump O' Land; Iomramh eadar Il' a's Uist (Rowing From Islay to Uist)/The Source of Spey; Dean Cadalan Samhach; Gala Water/Major David Manson
Side Two: 'S Gann Dirich mi chaoidh; Farewell to Whisky; My Love Is the Fair Lad/The Forth Bridge/Pretty Pegg; The Braes o' Strathblane; More Grog Coming/Tilley Plump/Da Foostra

Billy Jackson (Celtic harp, Uillean Pipes, whistles, vocals), John Martin (fiddle, cello, vocals), George Jackson (fiddle, cittern, mandolin, fiddle, flute, whistle, flute, vocals), Billy Ross (lead vocals, guitar, dulcimer, whistle)

Ossian: Seal Song (Iona Records IR002, 1981)

Side One: The Sound of Sleat (D Mackinnon)/Aandowin' at the Bow/The Old Reel; To Pad the Road wi' Me; Coilsfield House (Nathaniel Gow); The Hielandmen Cam' Doon the Hill/The Thornton Jig; Aye Waukin-O
Side Two: Corn Rigs (Burns); Lude's Supper (Rory Dall); The Road to Drumleman (Mitchell/Cuffe); A Fisherman's Song for Attracting Seals/Walking the Floor (J Chisholm); Mull of the Mountains

Billy Jackson (harp, Uillean Pipes, whistle, vocals), George Jackson (cittern, guitar, flute, whistle), John Martin (fiddle, cello, whistle, vocals), Tony Cuffe (vocals, guitar, whistle, tiple)

Ossian: Dove Across the Water (Iona Records IR004, 1982)

Side One: Duncan Johnstone/The Duck (D Macleod)/The Curlew (D MacPherson); Braw Sailin' On the Sea (trad/Cuffe); Drunk At Night, Dry In the Morning; Will Ye Go to Flanders (trad/Ross);
Side Two: Tae the Beggin'; Mile Marbhaisg; Dove Across the Water: Iona Theme (Jackson)/March - The Cunning Workmen (Cuffe)/Columba (Jackson)/Iona Theme, Reprise (Jackson)

Billy Jackson (harp, Uillean Pipes, whistle, double bass vocals), George Jackson (guitar, fiddle, whistle, vocals), John Martin (fiddle, cello, vocals), Tony Cuffe (vocals, guitar, tenor guitar, tiple) Iain MacDonald (pipes, vocals, flute, whistle, jew's harp)

mm.jpg - 3578 bytes

Billy Jackson & Billy Ross: The Misty Mountain (Iona Records IRCD005, 1984)

Beinn A'Cheathaich; Landfall (B Jackson); The Glen of Copsewood; The Lass o' Glenshee; Boyne Water/The Three Girls of Portree; Guidnicht and Joy Be Wi' Ye A'; The Countrygirl and the Hungarian Fiddler/Tar the House (A MacDonald)/ Trusdar Bodaich, Drochaid Luideach; Na'm Faighinn Gille ri Cheannach; For Our Lang Bidin' Here; Meudail is M'Aighear S'Mo Ghradh; The First Step (B Jackson)/Geil Mill (B Jackson)/The Little Cascade (G S Maclennan)

Billy Jackson (Gut strung clarsach, nylon strung knee harp, whistle, uillean pipes, piano, DX7 synthesizer); Billy Ross (vocals, guitar, dulcimer, whistle); Iain MacDonald (Highland pipes)

Ossian: Borders (Iona Records IR007, 1984)

Side One: Troy's Wedding (Magee)/Biddy from Sligo; Rory Dall's Sister's Lament; Chairlie, oh Chairlie; I Will Set My Ship In Order
Side Two: John MacDonald's/The Sandpit (MacEachern); Bide Ye Yet; 'Neath the Gloamin' Star at E'en; The New House In St Peter's (MacDonald)/The Ewe Wil the Crookit Horn/Willie Murray's (MacDonald)

Billy Jackson (harp, Uillean Pipes, whistle, acoustic bass guitar, synthesizer, vocals), George Jackson (cittern, guitar, whistle), John Martin (fiddle, cello, vocals), Tony Cuffe (vocals, guitar, tiple) Iain MacDonald (pipes, flute, whistle)

wellp.jpg - 2900 bytes

William Jackson: The Wellpark Suite (Mill Records MR001, 1986)

Side One: The Dear Green Place Changed; The March of the Workers; Molendinar: The Spring
Side Two: The Brewing; Fermentation; A Glasgow Celebration

All compositions by Billy Jackson

Billy Jackson (harp, synthesizer); Tony Cuffe (guitar); Iain MacDonald (pipes, whistle, flute); George Jackson (fiddle, whistle); John Martin (fiddle); John Gahagan (fiddle, whistle); Chris Miller (fiddle); Jim Sutherland (cittern, bodhran); Ron Shaw (cello); Wendy Weatherby (cello); Cy Jack (double bass, electric bass); Peter Cairney (electric guitar); Alex Baird (drums)

Ossian: Light On a Distant Shore (Iona Records IR009, 1986)

Johnny Todd (trad/Tony Cuffe)/Far From Home; It Was All for Our Rightful King (Cpt Ogilvy)/La Chanson des Livrees; The Sun Rises Bright in France; Mrs Stewart of Grantully/Be Sud an'Gille Truagh/Calum Johnston's/Harris Dance; Jamie Raeburn/The Broomielaw (William Jackson);Light on a Distant Shore: Arrival (W Jackson)/New York Harbour (W Jackson)/At Work on the Land (W Jackson)/In the New World (W Jackson)

Tony Cuffe, John Martin, Iain MacDonald, William Jackson, George Jackson

Tony Cuffe: When First I Went to Caledonia (Iona Records IR011, 1988)

Side One: When First I Went to Caledonia; Miss Wharton Duff (Marshall)/The Mare; The Iron Horse; Caledonia (trad/Cuffe); Dr McInnes' Fancy (Donald Macleod)/Jim Tweedie's Sea Legs (J Allan Macgee)
Side Two: The Buchan Turnpike; The Lass O' Patie's Mill; The Weary Pund O' Tow (Burns); Paddy Kelly's/The Humours of Tulla; Otterburn; Scalloway Lasses/Miss Forrester

Tony Cuffe (vocals, acoustic guitar, tenor guitar, tiple, whistle, bass whistle, harmonium, synthesizer)

William Jackson: Celtic Tranquility (Iona Records IRCD016, 1993)

Includes: Glasgow 1885: The Dear Green Place Unchanged; Molendinar: The Spring; Fermentation; Dove Across the Water; Light On a Distant Shore; Landfall; Paradise Valley; Harvest of the Fallen; The Fish

small.jpg - 6Kb

Smalltalk: Smalltalk (Greentrax CDTRAX 079, 1994)

Colonel Fraser/Mary Ann MacInnes (Iain MacInnes)/ The Famous Bridge/Kail and Pudding; Cumha Coire A'Cheataich; Jock Hawk; The Low Country Dance/The Ardvasar Blacksmith (Evan MacRae)/The Black Haired Lad/The Shetland Fiddler; Over the Sea to Nova Scotia; Rosie Anderson; Les Vielles Bottines; The Heights of Cassino (Dan MacRae); 'S Truagh Nach Do Dh'Fhuirich Mi Tioram Air Tir; The Thornton Jig (Donald Cameron)/James Byrne's Jig/Duncan McKillop (A Hain)/The Bee In the Knickers (Gordon Campbell); Fil O Ro

Billy Ross (vocals, guitar), Iain MacInnes (Scottish small pipes, whistles, bodhran), Stuart Morison (fiddle, cittern, bodhran)

stream.jpg - 3522 bytes

Ossian: The Carrying Stream (Greentrax CDTRAX 127, 1997)

Fisherrow/Noose and the Gillies; The Black Crags/Pipe Major Joe Wilson/The Duke of Hamilton/Barney's Balmoral/Mrs Webster; Logan Water/Pennan Den; The Working Man; Mo Chailin Dileas Donn; Port Lennox; Blustering Home/Flora Macdonald/David Glen's Jig; The Flower of France and England (trad/Archie Fisher); Maighdeanan Na h-Airidh; Alick Cameron, Champion Piper; The Carrying Stream

Billy Ross (vocals, guitar, dulcimer), Iain MacInnes (Scottish small pipes, whistle), Stuart Morison (cittern, fiddle, mandolin, vocals), William Jackson (Scottish harp, bodhran, piano, vocals, whistle)