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New Celeste

Seemingly formed in 1977 by Iain Fergus and Graeme Duffin. Andy Munro was a member at one point. Any further information would be gratefully received (email me).



On the Line

New Celeste: High Sands and the Liquid Lake (Universe LS5, 1977)

Side One: Bedmaking; Broomfield Hill; Cunla; Rosemary (Iain Fergus); The Unquiet Grave; Jobby In the Lobby
Side Two: Wild Rover Reggae; Black Jack Davy (Mike Heron); Henry Martin; Bogman's Pig; Roving Journeyman; Time Wins the Game (Iain Fergus)

All tracks traditional except where indicated

Iain Fergus (acoustic guitar, lead vocals); Tom Honeyman (violin, viola, vocals) Stewart Gresty Smith (bass guitar, spinet, synthesiser, grand piano); Graeme Duffin (acoustic 12 string and 6 string guitars, electric guitar, vocals); with Ronnie Goodman (drums, percussion); Eddie Korma (drums); Fred Leeflang (saxes); Jur Echkart (accordion)

On the Line

New Celeste: On the Line (Escalibur BUR 803, 1979)

Side One: Morrison's Jig; P Stands for Paddy; Ploughmen (Two Brethren); Building a Motorway (Fergus); Nova Scotia (Fergus)
Side Two: Johnny; Winter Brings a Melody(Fergus); My Keepers (Fergus); On the Line (Fergus)

All tracks traditional except where indicated

Stewart Gresty Smith (bass guitar, ARP Omni, Yamaha elecrtonic, grand piano); Graeme Duffin (acoustic 12 string and 6 string guitars, electric guitar, vocals, electronic percussion); Rod Dorothy (violin, harmonium, vocals); Iain Fergus (acoustic guitar, lead vocals); Ronnie Gerrard (violin, mandolin)
with Christian Evans (drums, percussion); Henry Hirsch (Yamaha electronic, grand piano, Arp Omni, Hohner Clavinet, Fender Rhodes, Farfisa electronic piano, Yamaha electronic organ); Rüdiger Sünner (flute); Mohammad Tahmasebi (dombac); Tom Honeyman (violin)


New Celeste: LIVE (Hexagone 883043, 1981)

Side One: Lindsay the Fiddler (Archie Fisher); Candy Man (Iain Fergus); Black Leg Miner; Fishers Foul Wedding Ale (Stewart Smith); Peggy Gordon
Side Two: Busy Fingers/Cherokee Shuffle/Hamilton City/City Breakdown; Rosemary (Iain Fergus);; Broomfield Hill; Ye Jacobites; Lord Mayo/Farewell to Ireland

All tracks traditional unless otherwise noted

Iain Fergus: vocals, guitar, flute; Nigel Clark: electric guitar; Ronnie Gerrard: violin; Stewart Smith: bass; Iain Bayne: drums

Andy Munro: Soul O' Man (Moonbeam Music MB002, c1986)

Includes: Easier; Love Somebody Else; Marchmont Blues; Iona; Lullaby for Flora; Old Man of Wick; Tommy Go Home

All songs written by Andy Munro

Andy Munro (vocals, guitar)
with Christine Kydd (backing vocals), Eric Wales (lead guitar), Rab Handleigh (fiddle, synthesiser), Mick Doonan (uilleann pipes)