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Jock Tamson's Bairns & The Easy Club

Scottish Folk Groups
Some recordings are detailed below:


Jock Tamson's Bairns (Temple TP 002, 1980)

Side One: Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque/Hugh MacDonald/Sandy Duff; The Birkin Tree; The Hieland Soldier/Mullindhu; The Skyeman's Jig; Jenny Dang the Weaver; Brave Lewie Roy/Wantonness
Side Two: Cathkin Braes; Clarke Saunders; Miss Grace Hay's/ The Shepherdess; In Dispraise of Whisky; The Hills of Perth/Mrs MacDougall; Sae Will We Yet

Tony Cuffe (vocals, guitar, whistles, tiple), John Croall (vocals, bodhran), Rod Paterson (vocals, mandola), Adam Jack (fiddle, vocals), Ian Hardie (fiddle, vocals), Norman Chalmers (concertina, whistles), Jack Evans (guitar, mandolin, Overton Low D whistle, whistle, melodeon, moothie)

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Fergusson's Auld Reikie (1981)

Includes: The Flowers o' Edinburgh; Auld Reikie; Mallie Leigh; Cauler Water; The Yellow-haired Laddie; Leith Races; Duncan MacCallipin; Hallow Fair; Hunting the Hare; Caller Oysters; The Daft Days; Tullochgorum; Torry Burn; Elegy on the Death of Scots Music; The Birks of Invermay; The Ghaists; The New Game of 41; Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation; Canongate Cadgers; Lassies o' the Canongate; The Caller Shades; The Gates o' Edinburgh.

Tony Cuffe, Rod Paterson, Derek Hoy, Norman Chalmers

Jock Tamson's Bairns: The Lasses Fashion (Topic 12TS424, 1982)

Side One: The Lasses Fashion/The Robin (Peter McClements)/The Merry Nicht Under the Tummel Brig; The Braes o' Balquhidder (Robert Tannahill); Greig's Strathspey/Miss Wharton Duff (William Marshall); Lady Keith's Lament; The Gates of Edinburgh/O'er Bogie/Mrs Gordon's Reel (William Marshall)
Side Two: Tibbie Fowler; The Shetland Fiddlers' Society (Ronnie Cooper)/ Grant's Reel/Gladstone's Reel (Skinner); The Laird o' Drum; Kempy Kaye; Donald-Willie and his Dog (PM Donald Morrison)/Peter Mackinnon of Skeabost (Dr John Macaskill)

John Croall (vocals, bodhran, whistle, bones), Rod Paterson (vocals, mandola, guitar, cittern, trump), Derek Hoy (fiddle), Ian Hardie (fiddle, viola, bass, vocal), Norman Chalmers (concertina, whistles, piano), Jack Evans (guitar, flute, mandolin, bass, melodeon, cittern)

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The Easy Club: The Easy Club (Abbeyhill Music ABB 1001, 1984)

Side One: The Easy Club Reel (Sutherland)/Janine's Reel (Sutherland); Dirty Old Town (Ewan MacColl); The Innocent Railway (Sutherland)/Daphne's Trousers (Sutherland)/A. Bruxa (Anton Soane); The Auld Toon Shuffle (Rod Paterson); The Arnish Light (P Macleod)/The Ostrich (Sutherland) Side Two: The Train Journey North (Tom Anderson/Jim Sutherland); The Midlothian Mining Song (trad/Paterson); The Radical Road (Sutherland)/Murdo Mackenzie of Torridon (B Macleod); Fause, Fause Hea Ye Been (trad); Ms Lyall (trad)/ John McNeill's Reel (Peter Milne)

Rod Paterson (vocals, guitar, acoustic bass); John Martin (fiddle); Jack Evans (guitar, acoustic bass, chromatic harmonica); Jim Sutherland (cittern, mandolin, congas, bodhran, percussion)

chance.jpg - 6Kb

The Easy Club: Chance or Design (REL Records, RECS 479, 1985)

Side One: Black Is the Colour (trad); The North Sea Chinaman The Linguist (Sutherland); This for That (Rod Paterson); Neal Slessor Thomson (Sutherland)/The Desert March (Mauchline/MacDonald); The Eyemouth Disaster (John Watt); The Quiet Man (Sutherland)/Erse for Alba (Sutherland)
Side Two: Isle of Ewe (Sutherland)/The Dhu Hill (Sutherland)/The 40p.c. Rule (Sutherland)/Auld Wattie (trad); The Diamond (trad); West Pilton Circus (Sutherland)/The Pumpherston Hornpipe (Sutherland); Chance or Design (Paterson); The Long Distance Runner (Sutherland)/Bodhran Solo

Rod Paterson (vocals, guitar, acoustic bass); John Martin (fiddle, phonofiddle); Jack Evans (rhythm & lead guitar, acoustic bass, melodeon); Jim Sutherland (cittern, congas, bodhran, percussion)

skirl.jpg - 4Kb

The Easy Club: Skirlie Beat (REL Records RELS 483, 1987)

Side One: Auchengeich (Norman Buchan); Euphemia (Sutherland); To India (Rod Paterson); Skirlie Beat (Sutherland) Side Two: The Hielanman's Umbrella (Sutherland); The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Ewan MacColl); Doon In the Wee Room (trad); The Song of the Clyde (Bell/Gourlay)/ The Shipyard Apprentice (Fisher/Buchan/Campbell)

Rod Paterson (vocals, guitar, bass); John Martin (fiddle, viola, cello); Jack Evans (guitar, bass, whistle, chromatic harmonica, piano); Jim Sutherland (drums, cittern, Sobell Semi, bass, percussion)

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Jock Tamson's Bairns: A' Jock Tamson's Bairns (Greentrax CDTRAX112, 1996)

A re-release of the tracks on Jock Tamson's Bairns (1980) and The Lasses Fashion (1982).

For personnel, see original releases above.

scone.jpg - 7Kb

Jock Tamson's Bairns: May You Never Lack a Scone (Greentrax CDTRAX206, 2001)

Gude Claret/Wee Hieland Laddie; Prince Charlie's March/Joy Gae Wi' My Love/Ho Mo Chaileagan; Braes o' Gleniffer; MacGregor of Ruara/The King's House; Bogie's Bonnie Belle; The Back of The Change House/Miss Girdle/The Bristly Beard/Barney's Balmoral; Woo'd and Married and A'; Loch Etive Side/South Uist Golf Glub/The Country Girl and The Hungarian Fiddler/Mrs Willie Wassle; Dusty Miller/Wee Willie Gray; Duncan McNeill's Farewell to Melfort/Boc Liath Nan Gobhar (The Grey Buck)/The Rock And The Wee Pickle Tow; Johnny Sangster; The Unreel/Les Trois Grande Luthiers; Donal Don/Piper's Cave

Norman Chalmers (treble concertina, baritone concertina, whistle, bass drum, percussion, mouth organ, melodeon, bodhran); John Croal (vocals, bodhran, whistle, bones); Ian Hardie (fiddle, vocals, double bass, fiddlesticks); Derek Hoy (fiddle, baritone fiddle); Rod Paterson (vocals, guitar, bones, trump)