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On the Wagon/Tandem

This well-established working group from Crieff, Perthsire, was formed in 1997, and is centred around the talents of Derek Richardson, Pat Stuart (who together also perform as Tandem) and Ken Charleson, with Davy McMartin, Robin Calvert and Alasdair Black having completed the group at various times.

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Tandem Band: Out of the Dark (Smith/Mearns recordings SMR 048, 1995)

Side One: Miss Shepherd (J S SKinner)/The Brolum (Dr Charles Bannaty); Sonny's Dream (Ron Hynes); Arduthie Waltz (Derek Richardson); Loch Lomond; Tandem's Congratulations to Clan McKlopp's 1st 25th (Derek Richardson); Rolling Hills of the Borders (Matt McGinn)
Side Two: Morrison's Jig/The Reel Pickled Onion (Derek Richardson); Albert (Derek Richardson); The Wild Rose of the Mountain (John Mason); Muirsheen Durkin; Chief O'Neil's Favourite/Pretty Maggie Morrisey/Puddleglum's Misery; Caledonia Farewell (J Rankin/K Charleson)

All songs traditional except where indicated

Derek Richardson (vocals, guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo, whistle, pipes, bass, accordion), Pat Stuart (keyboard, guitar, bodhran, accordion)
with Ken Charleson (backing vocals), Joan Kilbrannan (backing vocals)


On the Wagon: Reels On Wheels (KPCD 0002, 1998)

Island Spinning Song/The Babes In the Wood/Tralee Gaol; Bonnie Dundee; Nancy Spain (Barney Rush); The Angel's Share (Derek Richardson); The Teardrop of Ireland (K Charleson); The Girl I Left Behind Me/Rakes of Mallow/The Reel of Tullochgorum; Blackwater Stream (K Charleson); Dumbarton's Drums; Oyster Wives/The Little Bag o' Spuds/The Ships Are Sailing; Blantyre Explosion; Killiecrankie; The Boys of the Mhari L (Ewan McGowan); My Love Is But a Lassie Yet (K Charleson); The Banshee/Father Kelly's/The Gravel Walk

All songs traditional except where indicated

Derek Richardson (vocals, guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo, concertina, whistle, pedal bass); Pat Stuart (keyboard, guitar, accordion, bodhran); Ken Charleson (vocals, guitar, keyboard, percussion); Davy McMartin (moothie, percussion); Alasdair Black (fiddle, percussion)
with Robin Calvert (fiddle); Ian Joseph MacDonald (accordion)


On the Wagon: The Eagle, the Mountain and the Red, Red Deer (KPCD 0004, 2000)

MacGregor's March/Spoot O'Skerry/Nicolas' Jumping Stone (Derek Richardson); The Eagle, the Mountain and the Red, Red Deer (K Charleson); Highland Cathedral (Roever/Korb); Ye Jacobites (Burns) Leezie Lindsay; Knotty Green Jig/The Startled Gazelle/Hog Roast & Sealids (all Derek Richardson); Kelvingrove (Lyle); Just the One/The March Up Castle Hill/Maggie McMartin's Reeling (all Davy McMartin); Mo Chailinn Donn/Tha M'Eudail Is M'Aighear's Mo Graid; Going Home (K Charleson); Mediaeval Blanket (Davy McMartin)/Bally Desmond Polka/Armstrong's Jig (JM Alexander); Raggle Taggle Gypsy; The new High Level/Walking On the Moon (Harper)/The Barrowburn Reel (Harper); Leezie Lindsay - reprise

All songs traditional except where indicated

Derek Richardson (vocals, guitar, mandolin, tenor mandola, banjo, whistles, pedal bass, small pipes); Pat Stuart (guitar, accordion, bodhran, dulcimer); Ken Charleson (vocals, guitar, keyboard, djembe); Davy McMartin (moothie, percussion);


On the Wagon: Burns An' A' That (KPCD 0005, 2002)

Oh Willie Brewed a Peck o' Maut; To a Mouse; Green Grow the Rashes; Let Not Womqn E'er Complain; A Red Red Rose; Epistle to a Young Friend; Rattlin' Roarin' Willie; To a Louse; The Banks o' Doon (Ye Banks and Braes); Holy Willie's Prayer; The Deil's Awa' Wi' the Exciseman; To a Haggis; Is There for Honest Poverty (A Man's a Man); The Tarbolton Lassies; Ae Fond Kiss; Tam O' Shanter; Bruce's Address to his Army at Bannockburn; Oh, Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast; Auld Lang Syne

All songs traditional except where indicated

Ken Charleson (vocals, guitar, keyboard); Davy McMartin (moothie, percussion); Derek Richardson (vocals, guitar, mandolin, whistles, pedal bass); Robin Calvert (fiddle) Pat Stuart (guitar, accordion, bodhran)
with Peter McCarra and Michael Kidd (recitations)