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Lowland Folk

The main members of Lowland Folk (originally The Lowland Folk Four) are Stewart Brown, his wife Ann Brown and his brother Ramsay Brown. They formed in the 1960s in their native Dundee and have recorded a number of albums and singles, some of which are listed below. Any further information about the group would be appreciated (email me).




The Lowland Folk Four: Eh'll Tell the Boaby! (Waverley ZLP 2090, 1967)

Side One: The Pear Tree; The Balaena; The Battle of Harlaw; Kilgannon Mountain; The Jute Mill Song (Brooksbank); Cauld Kail in Aberdeen
Side Two: Children's Street Songs; The Standard of the Braes o'Mar; When I was New-But Sweet Sixteen; The Spinner's Wedding (Brooksbank); Mingulay Boat Song (Hugh Roberton); The Seasons; The Tailor's Breeches

Stewart Brown, Anne Brown, Ramsay Brown, Philip Gore

All Folk Together

All Folk Together (EMI Talisman STAL 5013, c.1969)
with The Islanders, The Livingstones, The McCalmans, Anne Byrne, Eddie & Finbar Furey

Side One: The Tailor's Breeches
Side Two: The Jute Mill Song (Brooksbank);


Lowland Folk: Time to be Singing Again (Balaena Records BRCS 3001, 1984)

Side One: The Ballad of Blind Mattie (Stewart Brown); Woo'd an' Merried An' A'; MacGregor's Gathering; The Bunch o' Thyme; The Drunken Tinker (trad/S Brown); Dae Ye Mind o' Lang, Lang Syne?
Side Two: The Fisherman's Wife; The Work o' the Weavers; Sound the Pibroch; Fear a Bhata; He Sat and He Grat for Gruel; The Piper o' Dundee

All songs traditional uless otherwise noted

Anne Brown (vocals, recorder), Ramsay Brown (vocals, guitar, requinto), Stewart Brown (vocals, guitar, concertina, banjo, tin whistle)
with Allan Barty (fiddle, mandolin), Jim McKenzie (bass), Dierdre Adamson (accordion)


Lowland Folk: Quein' At the Fifie Pier (Balaena Records BR7 2001, 1985)

Side One: Newport Braes (Queuin' At the 'Fifie' Pier) (Sheena Wellington)
Side Two: Eh'll Tell the Boaby (Street Song Medley) (trad arr Brown)

Anne Brown, Ramsay Brown, Stewart Brown
with Allan Barty


Course and Fine; Songs & Ballads of Dundee (Springthyme Records SPR 1017, 1985)
with Maureen Jelks, Charlie Lamb, Jim Reid, Annie Watkins, Christine Stewart, Stuartie Foy, Foundy Bar Band

Side One: Bonnie Dundee; The Spinner's Wedding
Side Two: Foondry Lane/The Jute Mill Song; The Bureau (with Alex Clarke)