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The Ian Campbell Folk Group 3

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Ian Campbell and the Ian Campbell Folk Group with Dave Swarbrick
(Music for Pleasure, MFP Stereo 1349, 1969)

Side One: Beggin' I Will Go; Sugar Candy; Wild Colonial Boy; Sleepytoon; Here Come the Navvies (Campbell); The Jolly Herring
Side Two: The Fireman's Song (Bilston); The Praties They Grow Small; The Kerry Recruit; The Barrin' O' the Door; Eight Shillings a Week; The Coast of Peru

all songs traditional, arranged by Ian Campbell unless otherwise indicated

Ian Campbell (vocals), Lorna Campbell (vocals), Brian Clark (vocals, guitar), Dave Pegg (contrabass, mandola); Andy Smith (banjo, guitar), Dave Swarbrick (fiddle, mandolin)


The Ian Campbell Group Sampler (Transatlantic TRA SAM 4, 1969)

Side One: The Cockfight; The Collier's Rant; Rap Her Te Bank; I Know My Love (McPeak); Campbell's Fancy/The Mason's Apron (trad); Highland Widow's Lament; Lover Let Me In (I Campbell)
Side Two: Come Kiss Me Love (I Campbell); Highland Harry; Pay Friday; Mary Mild (trad); The Banks Hornpipe (trad); One Eyed Reilly (I Campbell); The Card Song

all songs traditional, arranged by Ian Campbell unless otherwise indicated

Great Scots Sampler

The Great Scots Sampler (Transatlantic TRA SAM 17, 1970)
with Hamish Imlach, Matt McGinn, Watt Nicoll

Side One: A Man's a Man for A' That
Side Two: Keach In the Creel

All songs traditional unless otherwise noted


The Sun Is Burning - The Songs of Ian Campbell (Argo ZFB 13, 1971)

Side One: Come Kiss Me, Love; The Snow Is Falling; Old Man's Tale; I Don't Know; Alexander Somerville, Dragoon; The Sun Is Burning
Side Two: Lover, Let Me In; A Hard Life On the Cut; I Just Can't Wait; The Man In Black; Apprentices Song; Talking Blackbird

All songs written by Ian Campbell


Something To Sing About (Pye Records PKL 5506, 1972)

Side One: The Apprentice Song-unf. (Ian Campbell); The Haymakers; The Greasy Wheel (trad/words Ian Campbell); The Iron Horse; The Durham Lockout (Tommy Armstrong); The Sheffield Grinder; The Testimony of Patience Kershaw (Frank Higgins); Medley of Children's Street Songs Side Two: The Flash Frigate (Compiled by Stan Hugill); Ask a P'liceman (Rogers/Durandeau); Rigs of London Town; No Courage In Him; The Girl I Left Behind Me; The Cutty Wren (A.L.Lloyd); Leave Them A Flower (Wally Whyton)

all songs traditional unless otherwise indicated

Ian Campbell (vocals), Lorna Campbell (vocals), Dave Swarbrick (fiddle, mandola), John Dunkerley (banjo, guitar) Brian Clark (guitar, autoharp), with Spike Heatley (double bass) and Derek Craft (flute, piccolo)

If It Wasnae for Your Wellies! (XTRA 1144, 1974)
with Billy Connolly, Hamish Imlach, Bobby Eaglesham, Matt McGinn, Watt Nicoll

Side Two: One Eyed Reilly

Transatlantic Best of Scottish Folk

Best of Scottish Folk (Transatlantic MTRA 2003, 1978)
with Hamish Imlach, Alex Campbell, Owen Hand, The McCalmans, Isla Cameron, Watt Nicoll, Archie Fisher, Dave Swarbrick, Matt McGinn

Side One: Ian & Lorna Campbell: Keach In the Creel
Side Two: Highland Widow's Lament

All songs traditional except where indicated


Scottish Folk Scene (2 LP, Metronome Records DALP 2/1955, no year)
with Alex Campbell, Eddie Furey, Archie Fisher, Hamish Imlach, The Johnstons, Luke Kelly, Watt Nicoll

Side Two: Battle of the Somme (Robertson); A Man's A Man (trad)
Side Three: Highland Harry (trad)
Side Four: Can Ye Sew Cushions (trad)

And Another Thing

And Another Thing (CD Celtic Music CMCD 070, 1993)

Odour of Success; Assegai; Them and Us; Failure; Man's World; All Aboard; Gallery; Good Morning Blue; The Man Who Played the Pipes; It's Over Now; Street Song

All Songs written by Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell (vocals) with: Lorna Campbell (vocals), David Campbell (vocals), Duncan Campbell (vocals), Robin Campbell (synthesiser, backing vocals), Aiden Forde (fiddle, guitar, backing vocals), Neil Cox (guitar, backing vocals), Angus Clark (bass guitar), Mick Bisiker (piano, guitar), Ted Bunting (sax),

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