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The Ian Campbell Folk Group 2

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Topic Sampler 1

Folk Songs: An Anthology. Topic Sampler 1 (Topic 12T114, 1964)
with Louis Killen, A L Lloyd, Isla Cameron, Maggie Barry, McPeake Family, Enoch Kent, Anne Briggs, Celebrated Working Men's Band, Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger

Cutty Wren

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Coaldust Ballads(Transatlantic TRA 123, c1965)

Side One: Come All Ye Gallant Colliers (MacColl); Down In the Coalmine (Geoghehan); The Canny Miner Lad (Campbell); Sandgate Girl's Lament; Rap Her to Bank; The Blantyre Explosion; Instrumental Medley; Pay Friday (Anderson)
Side Two: The Collier's Rant; Geordie Black (Rowland Harrison); The Sandgate Dandle; Drunken Bella Roy (Robert Nunn); Blackleg Miners; My Miner Lad; Cushy Butterfield (George Ridley); The Plodder Seam (MacColl);; Collier Laddie

All tracks traditional unless otherwise stated

Ian Campbell (vocal), Lorna Campbell (vocal), Dave Swarbrick (fiddle, mandolin) and unknown others


Kelly the Boy from Killane Single (Transatlantic TRA SP 2, 1965)

Side One: Kelly the Boy from Killane
Side Two: The Boys of Wexford


Contemporary Campbells(Transatlantic TRA 137, 1965)

Marilyn Monroe (Sydney Carter/Rory McEwen); Dirty Old Town (Ewan MacColl); Thirty Foot Trailer (Ewan MacColl); My Donal (Owen Hand); Battle of the Somme (PM Robertson); Hard Life on the Cut (Ian Campbell); Net Hauling Song (Ewan MacColl); Death Come Easy (Harvey Andrews); Rights of Man (trad); Liverpool Lullaby (Stan Kelly); Four Pounds a Day (Stan Kelly); The Dove (trad); Bloody Orkney (trad); The D-Day Dodgers (Hamish Henderson)

Ian Campbell (vocal), Lorna Campbell (vocal), Brian Clark (guitar, vocal), Dave Swarbrick (fiddle, mandolin) and John Dunkerley (banjo, autoharp)


The Singing Campbells (Topic 12T120, 1965)
with Betty Campbell, Dave Campbell, Winnie Campbell, Bob Cooney

Side One: My Wee Man's a Miner; Me an' Mi Mither; We Three Kings
Side Two: The Cruel Mither; Lang a 'Growin'; Will Ye Gang Love; I Wish I Wish; McGinty's Meal an' Ale

All songs traditional

Topic Sampler 2

Folk Songs: An Anthology. Topic Sampler 2 (Topic TPS 145, 1966)
with The Spinners, Johnny Handle, Stan Kelly, Hedy West, Ewan MacColl, Dominic Behan, A.L. Lloyd, The Watersons, Shirley Collins, Tom Paley, Ray & Archie Fisher.

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New Impressions of The Ian Campbell Folk Group (Transatlantic TRA 151, 1966)

Side One: Lord of the Dance (Carter); Berwick Brose (Come to Berwick Johnnie/Brose and Butter); The Snow Is Falling (Campbell/Dunkerley); The Bold Benjamin; New York Gals; The Shoemaker; Baron O' Brackley; Aye Waukin O'
Side Two: Lover Let Me In (Campbell); Greensleeves; Can Ye Sew Cushions; farewell to Tarwathy; Gulls O' Invergordon (unknown); The Laird O' Windy Wa's; The Card Song

Ian Campbell (vocals), Lorna Campbell (vocals), John Dunkerley (banjo, guitar, accordion), Brian Clark (guitar, vocals), George Watts (flute, piccolo, clarinet) with Ken Ingerfield, Jack Fallon, Brian Brocklehurt (all bass)


The Best of British Folk Music (XTRA 1031, c1967)
with Luke Kelly; Isla Cameron; Owen Hand; Bert Jansch; The Dubliners; Alex Campbell; Sidney Carter; Leon Rosselson

Side One: Ian Campbell Folk Group: Mary Anne; Lorna Campbell: The Grey Cock
Side Two: Ian Campbell Folk Group: The Canny Miner

All tracks traditional


The Best of Scottish Folk Music (XTRA 1053, 1967)
with Hamish Imlach; Luke Kelly; Isla Cameron; Owen Hand; Matt McGinn; Bert Jansch; Alex Campbell

Side One: Lorna Campbell: Highland Widow's Lament
Side Two: Ian Campbell: We're Nae Awa to Bide Awa

All tracks traditional


The Circle Game (Transatlantic TRA 163, 1968)

Side One: The Iron Road (Ewan MacColl); Private Harold Harris (David Morgan); The Circle Game (Joni Mitchell); The Lady Came from Baltimore (Tim Hardin); The Old Man's Song (Campbell); Wooed and Married (trad arr Campbell); North Sea Holes (Ewan MacColl)
Side Two: Paddy Lay Back (trad); Do You Remember? (Leon Rosselson); Willie's Gone (trad arr Campbell); I'm Not Saying (Lightfoot); I Think It's Going to Rain Today (Randy Newman); Doctor Junk (Joni Mitchell); On the M1 (Harvey Andrews)

Ian and Lorna Campbell, Brian Clark, John Dunkerley with George Watts and Dave Pegg


A Prospect of Scotland. Topic Sampler 5 (Topic TPS 169, c1968)
with Isabel Sutherland, Dolina MacLennan, Jeannie Robertson, Norman Kennedy, Alex Stewart, Ray & Archie Fisher, Winnie Campbell, Ewan MacColl, Belle Stewart, The Exiles

Side One: Lorna Campbell and the Ian Campbell Folk Group: The Boatman
Side Two: Winnie Campbell: Bogie's Bonnie Belle

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