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Last update: 5th June 2012


Heritage were first formed in 1976 in Fife, Scotland, and have played and recorded Scots music ever since. Three members of the original 1976-79 band are still with them: Jack Beck, Lindsay Porteous and George Haig. The present line-up also includes Mike Ward (whistle/smallpipes/keyboard), Pete Clark (fiddle - Benachally Ceilidh Band), Alistair Marshall (whistle, pipes) and Alan McDonald (mandola).

Any more information about the group would be gratefully received: email me. Some of Heritage's recorded output is detailed below.

Rantin Rovin Fun Heritage: Some Rantin Rovin Fun (No Bad Records NBLP-1, 1980)

Side One:
The Blackthorn Stick/The Rakes of Kildare/Drowsie Maggie; Sleepytoon/The Haughs o' Cromdale; The Reverend Archie Beaton Cherish the Ladies/The Tenpenny Bit/The frost is all over;The Band o' Shearers; The Reel of Tulloch; The Athol Highlanders
Side Two:
Gordon's Favourite/Viellafjord/The Peerie Hoose A'hint the Burn; Dunfermline Feein' Mercat; Fanny Power; Lindsay's Reel/Flogging reel; The Jig o' Slurs/The Hare in the Corn/Hartigan's Fancy; Hishie Ba'; Julia Delaney/The Foxhunter Jig

When the Dancin' It's a' Done Heritage: When the Dancin' It's a' Done (No Bad Records NBLP-2, 1981)

Side One:
Over the Water Wi' Charlie/The Key of the Cellar/Bonnie Prince Charlie; Tattie Time; Niel Gow's lament for his Second Wife (Gow); Lochiel's Welcome to Glasgow/Jig o' Slurs (G S McLennan); Bogie's Bonnie Bell; Boulavogue/The Munster Cloak; Farewell Tae Tarwathie
Side Two:
Hills of Glenorchy/Hare In the Corn/Hartigan's Fancy/Athole Highlanders; Fordell Ball (Jim Dunn); Salmon Tails Up the Water/The Rose Tree; The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow; Haste to the Wedding/Charlie Hunter (MacLeod)/Drops of Brandy; The Plaidie Awa'/Maggie's Foot; Ae Fond Kiss/I'll Ay Ca' In By Yon Toon/My Love She's But a Lassie Yet

all songs traditional unless otherwise indicated

Jack Beck (vocals, guitar); Davie Lockhart (fiddle); Jim Dunn (accordion); Mick Ward (whistles, harmonium); George Haig (banjo, guitar); Lindsay Porteous (jaw harp, bodhran, pan-pipes, mouth organ, bones)

andyh.jpg - 8Kb Andy Hunter: King Fareweel (Lismore Recordings LIFL 7002, 1984)

Side One: Ye Heilan Cheils (A Hunter); My Son David; The Battle of Harlaw; Kilbowie Hill (A Hunter); The Laird o' Drum
Side Two: Johnnie Armstrang; The Twa Corbies; The Auld Shoes; Up and Awa' Wi' the Laverock (A Hunter); King Fareweel (A Hunter)

all songs traditional unless otherwise indicated

Andy Hunter
with Jack Beck (chorus vocals, guitar); Mick Ward (Northumbrian pipes)

lind1.jpg - 7Kb Lindsay Porteous: A World of My Own (Tron Workshop cassette TW01, 1987)

Side One: Nurgle's Fancy; French Medley; The John Maclean March; Lindsay's Trump Hora; Derry Hornpipe; Go To Berwick Johnnie; Fair and Tender Ladies; The Fox Hunt; The Braes of Tulimet; Chanters Song; Weavers/Drops of Brandy; Torryburn Lassies; Marquis of Huntly's
Side Two: Da South End/My Darling Asleep/The Maid in the Meadow; Merrily Kiss the Quaker/Dingle Regatta/Fairy Reel/Hangmans Reel; Un, Deux, Trois (French medley); Elsie Marley; Connaught Man's Rambles; La Mariposa (The Butterfly); Sally Goodin; The Musical Priest; Timour the Tartar; Bonaparte's Retreat; Dorset Four Hand Reel; Athol Highlanders; Tripping Upstairs; Job of Journeywork; The Black Mountain

all tracks traditional

Lindsay Porteous (jews-harp, bodhran, epinette, melodeon, tinlica, mouthorgan, Chinese flute, mouth bows, hammer dulcimer, bones, 3-string dulcimer, 6-string dulcimer, charango, pinkalo, whistle, humdrum)
with Nigel Porteous (tenor banjo, mandolin) and Jack Delaney (jews-harp)

Lindsay Porteous: Portrait of a Jews Harp Player (Greentrax Cassette CTRAX022, 1989)

Side One:
Side Two:

Lindsay Porteous

Passport Heritage: Passport (Greentrax Cassette CTRAX024, 1989)

Side One:
Haughs o' Cromdale/Flooers o' Edinburgh/High Road to Linton; Dainty Davy; Jocky said tae Jenny/Jinglin' John/Drops o' Brandy; Learig; Fisherrow/Flett from Flotta; Fife and a' the Lands About it
Side Two:
Occitan Polkas; Coorie Doon; The Mill, Mill O/Rowantree March; Spootiskerry/Colonel Fraser/Willafjord; Twa Corbies; Jennie's Black E'e/The Iron Man/The Bottom o' the Punchbowl

JackBeck (vocals, guitar); Pete Clark (fiddle, vocals); George Haig (banjo, mandola); Davy Lockhart (fiddle); Lindsay Porteous (jew's harp, bodhran, epinette, bones, moothie); Mike Ward (Northumbrian small pipes, Scottish small pipes, whistle, keyboards)

beck1.jpg - 5Kb Jack Beck: O Lassie, Lassie (Greentrax TRAX 027, 1989)

Side One:
Birnie Bouzle; Matt Hyland; Twa Corbies; Kilbowie Hill (Andy Hunter); The Bleacher Lass o' Kelvinhaugh
Side Two:
Bound To Be a Row; Ned of the Hill; The Jolly Beggar; Love Is Teasing; The Merchant's Son

all songs traditional unless otherwise indicated

Jack Beck (vocals, guitar)
with Gary Coupland (accordion); Pete Clark (fiddle); Mike Ward (whistle, keyboard, Northumbrian pipes); Lindsay Porteous (jew's harp); Chris Miles (chorus); Andy Hunter (chorus); Colin Stuart (chorus); George Haigh (banjo, mandola, autoharp); Alistair Marshall (Highland bagpipes, flute); Davy Lockhart (fiddle)

tell.jpg - 6Kb Heritage: Tell Tae Me (Temple Records, 1993)

The Acrobat/The Echo; April Waltz/Ootpik Waltz; Calum Crubach/Sandy MacIntyre's Trip To Boston/King's Reel; Bonny Glenshee; The Duke Of Fife's Welcome To Deeside/Campbell's Farewell To Redcastle; Jig O'Conner/Carolan's Draught/Planxty Mrs. O'Conner; Scotticha De La Montanha Negra/Scottische A Servant/Scottische L'Italienne; Valse De Vertoujit/Valse A Bargoin; Bonny Udny; The Apple Tree/John Keith Laing/Bill Powrie; Fornethy House; Tell Tae Me; Calabrian Pastorale

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