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Blackeyed Biddy

Lionel McClelland still plays at the Clachaig Inn at Glencoe every couple of months, but Kris no longer plays because of arthritis in his hands. Any further information about this band would be greatly appreciated - email me.




Guid Neibours (Birnock Records BNK1, n.d.)

Side One: Blackeyed Biddy/Fasten the Leg in Her/The Kinnegad Slashers; The Rowan Tree/Yellow's On the Broom (MacNaughtan); Misty Covered Mountains/Skymans Jig/Sally Gardens; Earl o' March's Daughter (McClelland)
Side Two: Workin' Chap; Lord Inchiquin; Johnny Jump Up; Dunphies/The Rights of Man/Pretty Maggie Morrissey; Dixie Darlin' (AP Carter)

All selections traditional unless otherwise noted.

Lionel McClelland (vocals, guitar, whistles, double bass), Billy Henderson (vocals, guitar, mandola), Kris Koren (vocals, guitar, mandola, mandolin, banjo, bodhran)


High Spirits ()

Jim McAllister's Jig/Mairead Nicoll Of Drumossie/Temple House; Ballad Of Sawney Bean; Come By The Hills; Morar's Silent Beauty/Dunkeld Oaks/Jacqui's Day/Bass Through The Window/The Reconciliation/The Musical Priest/St. Anne's Reel; C. M. Barbour/Fiddlin' Around; The Cobbler; Christine McRitchie; Santiano; A Man's A Man For A' That/Winding Up The Piper


Lionel McClelland, Kris Koren


Peace, Enjoyment, Love & Pleasure (Greentrax CDTRAX 056, 1993)

Rolling Hills of the Borders (McGinn); Too Small a Word (McClelland); Sandy Bell's Hornpipe (R Smith)/Up to the Left (Koren)/ Joy Mortimer's 19th 21st (Koren); Silent Majority (McClelland); Monday Morning (Andy M Stewart); Ailsa Ann Anderson (J Mackay); Bonnie Ship the Diamond; Right to Be Free (McClelland); Swedish Waltz/The Lonesome Boatman; Ae Fond Kiss; Farewell to the Haven (Davy Steele); The Little Cascade (GS MacLennan)/Keir's Tune (McClelland)


Lionel McClelland (lead vocals, guitar, flute, Whistles, double bass), Kris Koren (backing vocals, guitar, mandola, mandolin, banjo, bodhran)
with Brian McNeill (fiddle, concertina), Finbar Furey (uillean pipes, whistles)