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5 Hand Reel

Scottish Folk-Rock Group
When Dick Gaughan was living in London at the beginning of 1971, Tom Hickland arrived from Belfast to live with him. They started playing music together. Chuck Fleming, who had known Dick in Edinburgh, joined in and with Clive Woolf did a tour of Holland. When they came back Dick joined The Boys of the Lough, while the others formed a band called Spencer's Feat with Barry Lyons and Dave Tulloch. Bobby Eaglesham replaced Clive Woolf, and they became Five Hand Reel. When Chuck Fleming left (to join The JSD Band?), Dick was brought back into the fold, and Five Hand Reel enjoyed varying success over the next few years. Some of 5 Hand Reel's recordings are detailed below:



5 Hand Reel: 5 Hand Reel (Rubber Records RUB 019, 1976)

Side One: Both Sides of the Forth ; Death of Argyll (Bobby Eaglesham); Kempy's Hat; The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter
Side Two: Sliave Gallion Braes; Wee Wee German Lairdie; The Maid of Listowel; When a Man's In Love; Frankie's Dog

Bobby Eaglesham (vocals, mandolin, guitars, dulcimer, side drum), Dick Gaughan (vocals, guitars, tim whistle, cittern), Tom Hickland (vocals, fiddle, keyboards), Barry Lyons (bass, keyboards), Dave Tulloch (percussion, side drum)

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5 Hand Reel: For A' That (RCA Victor PL 25066, 1977)

Side 1: Bratach Bana; Pinch of Snuff; A Man's a Man for a' that; Haugh's O' Cromdale; Ae Fond Kiss
Side 2: P stands for Paddy/Paddy Fahey's Reel; The Cruel Brother; Carrickfergus; Locahanside/The Jig of Slurs/Linda Brechin's/The Marquis of Tullybardine

Bobby Eaglesham (guitar, vocals, dulcimer, side drum), Dick Gaughan (guitar, vocals, electric guitar), Tom Hickland (fiddles, piano, organ), Barry Lyons (bass), Dave Tulloch (drums, percussion)


5 Hand Reel: Earl O' Moray (RCA Victor PL 25150, 1978)

Side One: My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose (Burns); Sheriffmuir; The Child On the Road; The Bonnie Earl O' Moray
Side Two: The Trooper and the Maid; The Beef-Can Close; Jackson and Jane; Freedom Come-All-Ye (Hamish Henderson)

Bobby Eaglesham (vocals, acoustic guitar, dulcimer), Dick Gaughan (vocals, guitars), Tom Hickland (vocals, fiddle, piano, organ), Barry Lyons (bass, whistle), Dave Tulloch (drums, percussion, harmonica)


Five Hand Reel: A Bunch of Fives (Topic Records, 1979)

Side One: Lay Ye Doon; The Man From God Knows Where (Five Hand Reel); Maggie Lauder
Side Two: Satan Will Appear (Five Hand Reel); The House of Airlie; Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore; Land O' the Leal

Bobby Eaglesham (vocals, acoustic guitar, bouzouki), Sam Bracken (vocals, lead guitar), Tom Hickland (vocals, fiddle, keyboards), Barry Lyons (bass, sax, whistle), Dave Tulloch (drums, French horn, harmonica, vocals)

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Five Hand Reel: Nothing But the Best (RCA, 1980)

Side One: The Bonnie Earl O' Moray; Bratach Bana; P stands for Paddy/Paddy Fahey's Reel; Both Sides of the Forth; Carrickfergus
Side Two: My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose (Burns); Freedom Come-All-Ye (Hamish Henderson); The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter; Sheriffmuir; Frankie's Dog


Bobby Eaglesham: Weather the Storm (cassette, Fellside FE033/c, 1995)
(originally released in 1982)

Side One: Weather the Storm (McTell); Helen of Kirkconnell; Tramps & Hawkers; Bonnie George Campbell; Rowan Tree/Planxty Irwin/Cock o' the North/Atholl Highlanders; As I Roved Out
Side Two: The Shearing; She Moved Through the Fair; The Redundant Mr Brown (MacGillivray); Soor Milk Cairt/Curwen Jig (Johnstone/Eaglesham); Without Me Just for You (Noakes)

All tracks traditional unless otherwise indicated.