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(born 1849)
Carl Volti seems to have been an important figure in the Kerr's publishing business. He contributed more than 35 original tunes to Kerr's Merry Melodies, and published several tutors, albums of popular songs, national overtures, and so on.

Carl Volti was born Archibald Milligan in Glasgow on 29th January 1848. His father and several uncles on his mother's side were fiddlers. One uncle, George Hood, was known at one time as one of the best in Scotland, and the young Archibald was greatly influenced by Hood's visits to the house. Volti's first instrument was the tin whistle, and after his friends also obtained whistles, he started a whistle band, teaching the others, taking on the rôle of leader and teacher.

The whistle eventually failed to satisfy, and his father, James Milligan, had his old fiddle fixed up for him. The first tune he learned on the fiddle was The High Road to Linton.


Carl Volti compositions include:

Albion Hornpipe (K3,37)
Apple Tree (K2,5)
Clutha Hornpipe (K2,36)
Corriegills (K3,13)
Craigielea Polka (K6,43)
Dougal More (K4,8)
Dunbarton Castle (K4,3)
Duniquaich (K3,8)
Finnin' Haddies (K3,10)
Geordie Jack (K3,22)
Haggs Castle (reel) (K2,19)
Haggs Castle (strathspey) (K2,19)
Highland Fling (K4,10)
Inveraray (K3,3)
Inveraray Cross (K3,6)
Jig VI (K2,28)
Kelvin Glade Waltz (K6,42)
Kirsty Macfarlane (K4,8)
Loch Fyne (K3,8)
Mother Kilwinning (K3,22)
Mr Thomas Burt (K3,13)
Pastoral Dance (K4,49)
Peggy's Dumpling (K4,3)
Portland Hornpipe (K2,37)
Schottische II (K2,51)
St Catherine's (K3,9)
Strachur (K3,8)
Vale of Leven (K4,3)
Village Festival (K4,50)
Willie Cook (K2,5)