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  MacKenzie Murdoch

This discography is based on the sources listed below.

Code Description
78 78rpm records in my collection
cDS2 cassette, 78rpm Recordings from 78s in the collection of David South

28935 The Anchor's Weighed; Vicar of Bray Regal G 6757 78
28930 Killarney; Last Rose of Summer; Irish Whisky Regal G 6756 78
28939 My Pretty Jane; Lass o' Richmond Hill; Rule Britannia Regal G 6757 78
28940 Isle of Skye; Grey Daylight; Jean Munroe's Reel Regal G 6756 78
60140 The Highland Settler's Lament; Lift Yer Feet Man; Jean Munro's Reel Rondophone 924 cDS2
60141 Gae Bring Tae Me a Pint o' Wine; Deuch an' Doris; Mackenzie's Rant Rondophone 924 cDS2