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  Hiram Hosie

This discography is based on the sources listed below.

Code Description
78 78rpm records in my collection
NM 78rpm records in Neil MacGregor's collection

JIM McHARDY - Accordion
M889 Irish Hornpipes - Little Stack of Barley; Boys of Blue Hill; Kildare Fancy Beltona 2413-A NM
M890 Irish Jigs - Humours of Donnybrook; Blackthorn Stick; Swallow's Tail Beltona 2413-B NM
M891 Captain Carswell; Devil In the Kitchen; Miss Anderson Beltona 2414-A NM
M892 Highland Pastorals - Farewell to Fiunary; Kirsteen; My Home Beltona 2414-B NM
M893 Renfrewshire Militia; Maggie Cameron; Marquis of Tullibardine Beltona 2415-A NM
M894 Highland Marches - Hills of Glenorchy; The Quaker; Colonel Robertson Beltona 2415-B NM
M895 Pastoral Airs - Leezie Lindsay; Jelly Well Spread; A Rosebud By My Early Walk Beltona 2417-A NM
M896 42nds March on Tamai; Highlander's Farewell; Loch leven Castle Beltona 2416-A NM
M897 Logie o' Buchan; Wi' a Hundred Pipers; There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose Beltona 2416-B NM
M898 Hornpipes - Cliff; Harvest Home; Liverpool Beltona 2417-B NM
McHARDY & HOSIE - Accordion and violin
M996A The Gay Gordons; Lovat Scouts Beltona BL 2468 78
M997A Irish Jigs - Medley: Intro; The Kinnegad Slashers; The Frost Is All Over; The Rollicking Irishman Beltona BL 2468 78
M998A The Hebridean Waltz - Intro; Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden; The Spinning Wheel Beltona BL 2472 78
M999B Eightsome Reel - Intro; De'il Among the Tailors; Mason's Apron; Meg Merrilees Beltona BL 2472 78
M1000A The Atholl Highlanders Farewell to Loch Katrine; The Queen's Welcome to Invercauld Beltona BL 2469 NM
M1001B Strathspey - Intro; Miss Jessie Smith; The Kirrie Kebbuck Beltona BL 2469 NM
HIRAM HOSIE - violin solo with piano accompaniment
M.1008A The Bonnie Lass o' Bon Accord; Boglie Brae; The £10 Fiddle Beltona B.L.2467 78
M.1009B The Birlin Reels Beltona B.L.2467 78