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The Humblebums

Scottish Folk Group

Billy Connolly was in a band called The Skillet Lickers in the late 1960s, singing Carter Family and Jimmy Rogers stuff, before meeting Tam Harvey, a plectrum guitarist who had played in rock groups. They formed The Humblebums, and at one point Shetland fiddler Aly Bain was a brief "unofficial member". Gerry Rafferty joined the group just before Harvey left, and he and Billy recorded at least two albums together. Rafferty went on to Stealer's Wheel and hit parade success, while Connolly enchanted the world with his improvisational stand-up comedy.

Tam Harvey went on to form the Fife-based High Speed Grass with David Craig and Robin ?---?.

All of The Humblebums' recordings are detailed below:



First Collection of Merry Melodies (Transatlantic TRA 186, 1969)

Side One: Why Don't They Come Back to Dunoon (K King); My Dixie Darling (Carter); Now I Feel So Old (Connolly); Give Me a Little of Your Time (Connolly); Salt Coats at the Fair (Connolly); Victoria Rag
Side Two: Will You Follow Me (Connolly); Little Blue Lady (Connolly); Come Drink My Wine (Connolly); Cripple Creek (trad); Close Your Eyes (Connolly); Windy and Warm

Billy Connolly (vocals, guitar, banjo), Tommy Harvey (guitar, mandolin) with Ronnie Rae (bass)


The Humblebums (Transatlantic TRA 201, 1969)

Side One: Look Over the Hill & Far Away (Rafferty); Saturday Round About Sunday (Connolly); Patrick (Rafferty); Everybody Knows That (Connolly); Rick Rack (Rafferty); her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway (Rafferty);
Side Two: Please Sing a Song for Us (Rafferty); Joe Dempsey (Connolly); Blood & Glory (Rafferty); Coconut Tree (Rafferty); Silk Pyjamas (Connolly); Good-Bye-Ee! (Weston Lee)

Billy Connolly, Gerry Rafferty


Open Up the Door (Transatlantic TRA 218, 1970)

Side One: My Apartment (Connolly); I Can't Stop Now (Rafferty); Open Up the Door (Connolly); Mary of the Mountains (Connolly); All the Best People Do It (Rafferty); Steamboat Row (Rafferty); Mother (Connolly)
Side Two: Shoeshine Boy (Rafferty); Cruisin' (Connolly); Keep It To Yourself (Rafferty); Oh No (Connolly); My Singing Bird (Rafferty)

Billy Connolly, Gerry Rafferty


The Exciting World of Transatlantic (Contour 2870 315, c1972)
with pentangle, Bert Jansch, etc

Side One: Shoeshine Boy (Rafferty)

Billy Connolly, Gerry Rafferty