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Robin Hall & Jimmie MacGregor 3

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Glasgow Street 1
Robert Burns
Glasgow Street 2
MacPherson's Rant
Glasgow Street 3
Rovin Eye
Scottish Choice
A Rovin'
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Tonight and...
Next Tonight...
By Public Demand
Red Yo Yo
Grief & Glory
Scotch & Irish
One Over the Eight
Glasgow Street 4
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We Belong to Glasgow
Highlands & Lowlands
Unity Creates Strength
Kid's Stuff
Scotland's Best
Songs of Scotland


We Belong to Glasgow (Fontana Special 6438 033, 1970)

Side One: The Barras (Jim McLean); Two Heids; Ally-Bally-Bee (new words Robin Hall); Ma Wee Gallus Bloke(new words Robin Hall); There Is a Happy Land/Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny/I Sent Her for Breid (new words Jimmie MacGregor);
Side Two: The Govan Billiard Hall Song (Roddy McMillan); I'll No Marry You; Nancy Whisky; Kelvinhaugh; Three Craws (new words Jimmie MacGregor)

All songs traditional except where indicated.

Robin Hall (vocals), Jimmie MacGregor (vocals, guitar, mandolin) with Brian Brocklehurst (contra bass), Bobby Campbell (fiddle) and Alastair McDonald (banjo)


Highlands and Lowlands (Nevis, NEV R003, 1972?)

Side One: Rattlin' Roarin' Wullie (new verse by Jimmie MacGregor); As I Came Doon the Overgate; Fetlar Lullaby; On the Banks of Loch Lomond (new verse by Jimmie MacGregor); If You Ever Come to London; Bonny Hills O' Gallawa'
Side Two: Jock McGraw; Ho-Van Gorry O-Go; Birlinn Ghoraidth Chrobhain; Toddlin' Hame; Rory Murphy

All songs traditional except where indicated.

Robin Hall (vocals), Jimmie MacGregor (vocals, guitar, mandolin) with Carey Wilson (fiddle), Alastair McDonald (guitar, mandolin, banjo), Iain Campbell (bass), Herbie McTaggart (a multitude of wind instruments), Bobby Orr (drums)


Unity Creates Strength (Nevis, NEV R007, 1972)
with Dominic Behan, Alex Campbell, Danny Kyle, Ian Campbell, The Laggan, Alistair MacDonald

Side 1: Highland Medley
Side 2: Pack Up Your Tools and Go

kids.jpg - 6Kb

Kid's Stuff (Decca Eclipse ECS 2161, 1974)

Side One: Candlelight Fisherman; Frog and the Mouse (Hawarth); Three Craws; The Red Yo-Yo (McGinn); Little Brown Dog; The Hippopotamus Song (Flanders/Swan); Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny Off a Buss/Do-Re-Me
Side Two: Jeelie Pieces Song (McNaughton); Windy Old Weather; Murder In the Chip Shop; Carrion Crow; Riding in My Car (Guthrie); My Dog'd Bigger Than Your Dog (Paxton); The Old Piper

All songs traditional unless otherwise noted.

Jimmie Macgregor (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Robin Hall (vocals, guitar)
with Archie Duncan (accordion), Ricky Fernandez (bass), Billy Thom (drums), The Killermont Young Singers (chorus)

Scotland's Best

Scotland's Best (Beltona SBE 181, 1975)

Side One: rattlin' Roarin' Wullie; Fail oro, We're Sailing (McMillan.Macgregor); Ca' the Yowes (trad/Burns); Scotland's Dawn (Orr/Macgregor); Why Should the Cockle Gatherers? (Hall/Macgregor); The New Football Crazy (Hall/Macgregor)
Side Two: Fishing and Trawling (McMillan/Hall/Macgregor); Busk and Go; The Gaudie; Let Glasgow Flourish (Macgrgeor); The Dark Island (Silver/MacLachlan)/Master of Ballantra (Macgregor); Guid Nicht & Joy Be Wi' You

Robin Hall (vocals, guitar), Jimmie MacGregor (vocals, guitar, mandolin)
with Ricki Fernandez (bass), Billy Thom (drums), Jimmy Hill (flute), Archie Duncan (accordion), Angus Cameron (fiddle), Anne Wightmand (backing vocals), May Orr (backing vocals), Lynn Taylor (backing vocals), Jimmy Woodburn (backing vocals), Margaret Draycup (backing vocals),


Songs for Scotland (Beltona SBE 190, 1977)

Side One: The Land of Macleod; Where Is the Glasgow I Used To Know? (McNaughtan); The Field of Bannockburn (trad/Macgregor); Fetlar Lullaby; The Wee Magic Stane (J McEvoy); Pack Your Tools and Go (trad/Macgregor); England Forever (Cliff Hanley)
Side Two: The Freedom Come All Ye (Hamish Henderson); St Andrew (Cliff Hanley/Robin Hall); The Miner's Lullaby (Matt McGinn); The John Mclean March (Hamish Henderson); Scottish Tradition (Jimmie Macgregor); Is There for Honest Poverty (Burns)

Robin Hall, Jimmie MacGregor with Alex Hutton, Sean O'Rourke, Ricki Fernandez (bass), Billy Thom (drums)

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