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Robin Hall & Jimmie MacGregor 2

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Robert Burns
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Tonight and...
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By Public Demand
Red Yo Yo
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Tonight and Every Night (His Master's Voice CLP 1646, 1962)
with The Gaillards (Leon Rosselson and John Jobson)

Side One: Johnnie Lad; Hares On the Mountain; Inverey; Scottish Medley (The 42nd/My Love She's But a Lassie Yet/Mormond Braes); Twa Heids Are Better Than Yin; Cuttie's Waddin'; Ye Banks and Braes; Glasgow Street Song Medley
Side Two: Mick Maguire; Davey Faa; The Recruiting Sergeant; The Wild Mountain Thyme; Gin I Were Wgere the Gaudie Rins; The Old Triangle (Brendan Behan); Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes; Three Craws

All songs traditional.

Robin Hall (vocals), Jimmie MacGregor (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Leon Rosselson (guitar, banjo, accordion), John Jobson (bass)

*This album was re-relased as "Two Heids are Better than Yin" (Bulldog Records BDL 1019, 1977)


The Next Tonight Will Be with... (His Master's Voice CLP 1715, 1963)
with The Galliards (Shirley Bland & Leon Rosselson)

Side One: Drill Ye tarriers Drill; New York Girls; Johnny Todd; Linstead Market; The Jug of Punch; A Sailor Courted a Farmer's Daughter (French); The Wild Colonial Boy (Crofts)
Side Two: Hinei Matov; Lowlands of Holland; The Quality of Mersey; Derriere Chez Nous; The Barnyards o' Delgaty; North Country Lad; Birlinn Ghoraidh Chrobhain

All songs traditional unless otherwise noted.

Robin Hall (vocals, guitar, percussion), Jimmie MacGregor (vocals, guitar), Shirley Bland (vocals), Leon Rosselson (guitar, banjo, accordion, vocals), Bill Sutcliffe (bass), Brian Brocklehurst (bass), Pete Turner (drums)

byp1.jpg - 19Kb



By Public Demand (Fontana TL5349, 1964)

Side One: Enniskillen Dragoon; Sinner Man; Love's A Teasing; The Frog and the Mouse (Hawarth); Lullaby for a Mucky Kid (Stan Kelly); Haunted Single End (Matt McGinn); Tapuach Hineni (Hadar/Dor); Donald Don
Side Two: The Gallowa Hills; Times Are Getting Hard (Hayes/Hall/MacGregor); Drinking Gourd; Fal-o-ro, We're Sailing; Corrie Doon (Matt McGinn); Dirty Old Town (Ewan MacColl); Roddy McCorley

All songs traditional except where indicated.

Robin Hall (vocals, guitar), Jimmie MacGregor (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Cedric West (guitar); Brian Brocklehurst (bass), bill McGuffie (piano); Derek Grossmith (piccolo, clarinet, flutes), Bobby Orr (drums)

  • Re-released as By Public Demand (Fontana FJL502, 1966)

  • Re-released as By Public Demand (Philips International 6382 124, 19??)

red yo yo

Red Yo Yo (Fontana TE17489, 1967)

Side One: The Red Yo-Yo (McGinn); Murder In the Chip Shop; Candlelight Fisherman
Side Two: The Auld Piper; Where Are You Goin' My Bonnie Wee Lass (new words Roddy McMillan); The Carrion Crow

Robin Hall (vocals), Jimmie MacGregor (vocals, guitar)
with Archie Duncan (accordion), Dave Barclay (bass)


Songs of Grief and Glory (Fontana STL5436, 1967)
with Nadia Cattouse

Side One: Grief and Glory (Peter Firth); Back Buchanan Street (Harry & Gordon Dison); Tread Lightly (Ruth Roberts); Talkin' Trouble - Monday Blues (Philip Hills); The Threshold (Susan Tuck); There Must Be Something Wonderful About Fighting (Tommy Gardner/Gary Whitehead); Kelston Round Hill (Christopher Rowe)
Side Two: The Folk Singer (Neil McGowan); If That Is What You Want (Andrew Rainbow); Pigs Can See the Wind (Dave Goulder); People Like People Like Themselves (Jeanette Stanley); Folk Nativity (Jane Laxton); The Man for All Colours (Nick Parry Jones); Irony Road (Dafydd Idris Edwards); Grief and Glory (Firth)

Robin Hall (vocals, guitar), Jimmie MacGregor (vocals, guitar), Nadia Cattouse



Scotch and Irish (Decca LK 4601, 1964)

Side One: The 42nd; Rosin the Beau; If You Will Marry Me; Brian O'Lynn; Baloo Baleerie; The Holy Ground
Side Two: Whisky You're the Devil; The Queen's Four Maries; The Hot Ashfelt; The Calton Weaver; Bonnie Lass O'Fyvie; The Parting Glass

All songs traditional.

Robin Hall (vocals, guitar), Jimmie MacGregor (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Jack Emblow (accordion), Bill Sutclifee (bass), Brian Brocklehurst (bass), Lisa Turner (banjo)

Re-released as Scotch and Irish (Decca Eclipse ECM 2024, 1969)


One Over the Eight (Mercury 20169 SMCL, 1969)

Side One: Charlie Is My Darling; Tatties and Herring; Johnny has Gone for a Soldier; As I Came Doon the Canongate; The Whisky Chorus (Jim Mclean); The Bonny Broom; Heil-Ya-Ho, Boys
Side Two: One Over the Eight (Jimmie MacGregor); Ludgin' Wi' Big Aggie (new words Jimmie MacGregor); The Auld Sang (Willie Soutar/Jimmie MacGregor); Tha Tighinn Fodham Eiridh (Rise and Follow Charlie) (new words Jimmie MacGregor); The Sweet Nightingale; The Duncee Weaver

All songs traditional unless where indicated.

Robin Hall (vocals), Jimmie MacGregor (vocals, guitar, mandolin), with The Jim Johnston Band, and Angus Cameron (fiddle), Iain McAffie (guitar), Herbie M'Haffie (flute)


Glasgow Street Songs (Hallmark SHM 698, 1970)

Side One: The Dundee Weaver; The Bleacher Lassie O' Kelvinhaugh; Yer Ma Wee Gallas Bloke Naemair; Three Craw/If You Will Marry Me; Skippin' Barfit Thro' the Heather; Jimkin' You, My Johnnie Lad
Side Two: Lodgin' Wi' Big Aggie; Coulther's Candy; Duke Street Jail/You Canna Shove Your Grannie Off a Bus/The World Must be Coming to an End; Johnnie Lad; The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie; Collier Laddie

All songs traditional.

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