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Dundee has a long history of music. This is an attempt, or at least the beginning of an attempt, to compile a discography of Dundonian folk groups, musicians and singers. This is a long-term project, but in my collection I have a number of records which qualify for this list, so that's a start! Any suggestions, criticisms or anecdotes welcome (email me).



The Lowland Folk Four: Eh'll Tell the Boaby! (Waverley ZLP 2090, 1967)

Side One: The Pear Tree; The Balaena; The Battle of Harlaw; Kilgannon Mountain; The Jute Mill Song (Brooksbank); Cauld Kail in Aberdeen
Side Two: Children's Street Songs; The Standard of the Braes o'Mar; When I was New-But Sweet Sixteen; The Spinner's Wedding (Brooksbank); Mingulay Boat Song (Hugh Roberton); The Seasons; The Tailor's Breeches

Stewart Brown, Anne Brown, Ramsay Brown, Philip Gore


Dundee Folk (Better Bacon Records PIG1, 1977)
Released as part of the 1978 Dundee Students' Charities Campaign

Side One: Aileen Carr: Grat for Gruel; Dingly Dell: Balena; Haigh-Barrie-Weir: Rainbow Hill (Barrie); Fair Game: Boars Head Carol; Dingly Dell: The Tailor; Haigh-Barrie-Weir: From the Armchair (Barrie); Fair Game: Agincourt
Side Two: Fair Game: Coventry Carol; Dingly Dell: Banks of the Roses; Aileen Carr: Corrachree; Chris Davies: Judith (Davies); Haigh-Barrie-Weir: Cool for You (Barrie); Aileen Carr: T Stands for Thomas

All songs traditional unless otherwise noted

Barty's Bow

Allan Barty: Barty's Bow (Kettle Records KOP4, 1980)

Side One: Jigs: Pet o' the Pipers/Dan the Cobbler/The Maid on the Green; Hen's March Tae the Middens/The Four Poster Bed; Sleepy Bairns; Scots Tunes: Flowers o' Edinburgh/The Bottom of the Punch Bowl/The Petronella; Hornpipes: The Showman's Fancy/The Humours of California/The Galway Hornpipe; Pipe Tunes: The Balkan Hills/Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle/The Barren Rocks of Aden
Side Two: March Hare; Madame Bonaparte; Hornpipes: College Hornpipe/The Victoria Hornpipe/The Kinks Hornpipe; Jigs: Blackthorn Stick/The Hunours of Glenart/The Drunken Parson; Marfield Greys; Liberton Polka/Mason's Apron

Allan Barty (fiddle, mandolin, mandola, bass)
with Archie Fisher (guitar), Brian Miller (guitar), Robin Morton (bohran)


Lowland Folk: Time to be Singing Again (Balaena Records BRCS 3001, 1984)

Side One: The Ballad of Blind Mattie (Stewart Brown); Woo'd an' Merried An' A'; MacGregor's Gathering; The Bunch o' Thyme; The Drunken Tinker (trad/S Brown); Dae Ye Mind o' Lang, Lang Syne?
Side Two: The Fisherman's Wife; The Work o' the Weavers; Sound the Pibroch; Fear a Bhata; He Sat and He Grat for Gruel; The Piper o' Dundee

All songs traditional uless otherwise noted

Anne Brown (vocals, recorder), Ramsay Brown (vocals, guitar, requinto), Stewart Brown (vocals, guitar, concertina, banjo, tin whistle)
with Allan Barty (fiddle, mandolin), Jim McKenzie (bass), Dierdre Adamson (accordion)


Lowland Folk: Quein' At the Fifie Pier (Balaena Records BR7 2001, 1985)

Side One: Newport Braes (Queuin' At the 'Fifie' Pier) (Sheena Wellington)
Side Two: Eh'll Tell the Boaby (Street Song Medley) (trad arr Brown)

Anne Brown, Ramsay Brown, Stewart Brown
with Allan Barty


Course and Fine; Songs & Ballads of Dundee (Springthyme Records SPR 1017, 1985)

Side One: Lowland Folk: Bonnie Dundee/Jim Reid: Scots Callan; Maureen Jelks: I'm a Dundee Lassie/Lowland Folk: The Spinner's Wedding; Charlie Lamb: The Nicht Oor Mag had her Bairn; Maureen Jelks: The Back o' Reres Hill; Jim Reid & the Foundy Bar Band: The Magdalen Green; Annie Watkins: I'll Awa Hame; Annie Watkins & the Foundy Bar Band: I'm a Bonnie Wee Lochee Lass
Side Two: Charlie Lamb: Road and the Miles to Dundee/Lowland Folk: Dundee Once More/The Balaena; Annie Watkins & the Foundy Bar Band: The Beefcan Close; Lowland Folk: Foondry Lane/The Jute Mill Song; Jim Reid and Christine Stewart: Tired o' Workin/Alex Clarke & Lowland Folk: The Bureau; Stuartie Foy: Comin Ower the Tay Brig; Annie Watkins: Betsy Bell; Jim Reid & the Foundy Bar Band: Road and the Miles to Dundee


Sounds Dundonian (Dundee Libraries, 1993)
with Tayside Opera, Abertay String Quartet, Kevin Murray

Side One: The Tunesmith: Comin' Ower the Brig (The Tunesmith); Rachel: The Ferry (Rachel); The Bridge Band: The Hilltoon Clock/The Lang Climb Up the Hilltoon/The Tap o' the Hill Reel; Blo Na Gael: Midnight On the Water; Michael Marra: The Liberty Tree
Side Two: Joe Handy, Shirley Potts, Helen Forbes: Welcome, Fortune! (Robert Wedderburn); The Giant Steppin' Stanes: The Road and the Miles To Dundee/The Piper o' Dundee/Bonnie Dundee;

All songs traditional uless otherwise noted

The Bridge Band: Brian McKay (banjo, mandolin, whistles, bodhran), Mike McKay (fiddle, mandolin, whistles, bodhran), Sandy Clarke (guitar), Gordon Drummond (guitar, mandolin);
Blo Na Gael: Shirley Potts (fiddle), Helen Forbes (tin whistle), Karen Valentine (guitar, mandolin), Lou Lewis (electric guitar)
The Giant Steppin' Stanes: Kevin Murray (mandolin, percussion), John Rae (fiddle), Sandy Wright (guitar)