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29th October 2007
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An Teallach Ceilidh Band   Date extant: 1985 - ?.
Discography |

Bill Stewart Band   Kinross, Perthshire. Extant mid 1950s-1963.
Biography |
Blue Ribbon SCD Band   Crieff, Perthshire. Extant early 1950s-late 1960s.
Biography |

Bob Smith & his Ideal Band   Glasgow, 1930s.
Discography |

Jim Cameron's Scottish Dance Band   1940s.
Discography |
Desperate Danz Band   Aberdeen. Extant mid 1980s-early 1990s.
Discography |
Jack Forsyth & his S.C.D. Band  
Discography |

The Foundry Bar Band   Arbroath, Angus. 1980s-present.
Discography |

William Hannah and his Band  
Discography |

The Jura Ceilidh Band   Included Archie McAllister and Roos Kennedy. Released one CD.

The Loose Moose Ceilidh Band   Dundee/Fife, 1980s.
Discography |

Bobby MacLeod and his Band  
Discography |

Miscellaneous Dance Bands  
Discography |

The Newtyle Orchestra   Angus, late 1930s, early 1940s.
Note |

Adam Rennie & his S.C.D.  
Discography |

Jimmy Shand and his Band
Biography | Discography: | 78rpms | 10" Albums | 7" EPs | 7" Singles |
The Wallochmor Ceilidh Band  
Discography |

Tim Wright and his Band  
Discography |