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Wallochmor Ceilidh Band

Scottish ceilidh band

"Originally formed by Sandy Coghill and Freeland Barbour (who had been playing with Silly Wizard) at the Kinross Folk festival 1977, and have since then, with a changed line-up, been playing for dances throughout Scotland." - Liner notes from 'Looking for a Partner, 1st album, 1978.

Any more information about the group would be gratefully received: email me. Some of the band's recorded output is detailed below.


Looking for a Partner (Lapwing 101, 1978)

Side One: The Lewis & Harris Gathering (Donald Macleod)/The Atholl & Breadalbane Gathering (Ferguson); Pipe-Major Donald Maclean of Lewis(Donald Macleod)/The Heights of Cassino (D Macrae); The Boys of Blue Hill/The California Hornpipe/The Galway Hornpipe; My Home/Mary Darroch/The Highland Cradle Song (Skinner)/My Nannie's Awa; The Drunken Piper (A Macleod)/Dornoch Links/The Back o' Bennachie/Storrars Hornpipe/Jolly Tars/The Spoot o' Skerry (Burns)/The Victoria Hornpipe/The Drunken Piper(A Macleod)
Side Two: Lamont of Inveryne/Kirk's Hornpipe/Boys of Balivanich/Greenwoodside; Looking for a Partner (Wilson/Braidwood); Take This Message/Goodbye Johnny/Lovely Leitrim; Captain Carswell (Wm Lawrie)/Inveresk House; The Barnyards o' Delgaty/MacFarlane o' the Sprots/Mormond Braes/The Buchan Plooman/Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie; The Laird o' Milton's Daughter (Christian)/Cornerhouse Jig (A Rankine)/Craighall Jig (Hamilton)/The Black Officer (Sandy Coghill)

All tracks traditional unless otherwise indicated

Freeland Barbour (piano accordion); Jim Barrie (fiddle); Sandy Coghill (button accordion); Gus Millar (drums); Neil McMillan (piano, bass)


Second Chance (Lapwing LAP104, 1980)

Side One: Bob Bridgeford's March (Freeland Barbour)/The Forty-Six Seconder (Freeland Barbour)/The Borthwick Men (Freeland Barbour); Glen Caladh Castle (John McLellan)/Major David Manson of Clashantrushel; The Sea Around Us (Dominic Behan)/Bold Robert Emmet/The Boys of Bar na Sraide/Sunset On Conachair (Freeland Barbour); The Ornithologist (Freeland Barbour); Tam Bain's Lum (D S Ramsay)/Angus MacKinnon/Drum Solo (Gus Millar)/Bert McCroskie; The Aviemore Jig (Douglas Muir)/Drummond Castle/The Moray Reel/Garster's Dream
Side Two: Loch Leven Castle/Bonnie Banchory (J S Skinner)/Jack's Delight/Hurlock's Reel (Tom ANderson); Pipe Major George Ross's Farewell to the Black Watch (W Lawrie)/Monadh Gowan (W Grant); Coilsfield House (Nathaniel Gow)/Highland Polka (Jimmy Ritchie)/The Letham Piggery (Jim Barrie); Ray's Wedding (Bobby Tulloch)/Saturday Waltz/Lordstag Waltz; Thomas Saunders/Bonskeid House (Freeland Barbour)/ John P MacIntosh (Freeland Barbour); Portree Bay (J MacKenzie)/The Hills of Tynron (Ian Holmes)

All tracks traditional unless otherwise indicated

Freeland Barbour (p acc); Jim Barrie (fiddle); Sandy Coghill (btn acc); Gus Millar (drums); Neil McMillan (piano, bass)

5th.jpg - 6Kb

Full Throttle! (Lapwing 106, 1982)

Side One: Miss Delicia Chisholm (W Fraser)/The 79th's Farewell to Gibralter (John MacDonald); Mrs Anne Jamieson (Gordon Jamieson)/The Dancing Dustman (Felix Burns); Colonel Maclean of Ardgour/Leaving Glen Urquhart (W MacDonald); Mrs Mary MacEachern's/The North Atlantic Waltz (Freeland Barbour)/Men O' the West; Highland Laddie/Hey Johnnie Cope/The Peat Fire Flame/The Falls of Lorna/The Black Bear Hornpipe; The Eavesdropper/The Rocking Chair (Graham Townsend)/The Kesh Jig/Lumps o' Puddin'
Side Two: Dr Ross's 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering (Donald Maclean)/Dr JG Hunter of Aultbea; The Dundee Hornpipe/Erin's Fancy/The Poppy Leaf; The Swansea Hornpipe/The Dominion Reel (Bill Guest)/The Telephone Box (Freeland Barbour)/The Tullaghmore Piper; The Star of Logy Bay/Skibbereen/Peter Ambelay/The Rose of Mooncoin; The New Irish Barn Dance; Cabar Feidh/The Town at Bull River (Jim Sutherland)

All tracks traditional unless otherwise indicated

Freeland Barbour (p acc); Jim Barrie (fiddle); Sandy Coghill (btn acc); Gus Millar (drums); Neil McMillan (piano, bass)


The Highlander's Companion (Lapwing 111, 1985)

Side One: Tekeli/The Devil in Dublin/The Reel of Mey/Nora Crionna; The Conundrum (PR Macleod)/The Skye Crofters; The North Isles Waltz (Freeland Barbour)/The Green Valley/Svenska Anna; The Duke of Perth/Teribus/Davie Nick Nack/Mallie Lee; Bengullion (R Fleming)/Brian Webb's March to the OB Store (Freeland Barbour); The Jimmy Learmonth Polka(Freeland Barbour)/Jimmy o' the Bu' (J Spence); The Hills o' Perth/The 25th KOSB's Farewell to Meerut
Side Two: Corn Rigs/The Wandering Drummer (J Shand)/This Is No' My Ain Lassie/Norman Whitelaw (Fitchet); Welcome Christmas Morning (Jimmy Shand); Wee Tod/Ronnie Hunter (Jim Halcrow)/Sweet Biddy Daly; The Royal Scots Polka (W Denholm); The Highland Brigade at Magersfontein (J MacLellan)/Lochanside/When the Battle's O'er (W Ross); The Shores of Americkay/County Longford/Brosnan's Capers (Freeland Barbour)/The Haight-Ashbury Waltz(Freeland Barbour); Dr MacDonald's Fancy (Dr MacDonald)/John Keith Lang (Addie Harper); Final Dose

All tracks traditional unless otherwise indicated

Freeland Barbour (p acc, piano); Jim Barrie (fiddle); Sandy Coghill (btn acc); Gus Millar (drums); Neil McMillan (piano, bass)