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Last update: 7th Jul 2014

Strathearn Scottish Dance Band

The Strathearn Scottish Dance Band were formed in the small Perthshire town of Comrie in 1967 by brothers Hamish Reid (accordion) and Stewart Reid (fiddle). Other members included Sam Sidey (piano), Bill Morgan (bass), Bill Anderson (drums), George Meikle (accordion) and Gordon Hughes (drums). They made two albums that I know of. Any further information on the band would be gratefully received (email me).

Sounds of Strathearn Sounds of Strathearn (Thistle Records BSLP, c1970)

Side One:
The Skyeman's Jig; John MacMillan of Barra (McDonald)/Sweet Maid of Mull (Beaton); My Mother/Leaving Skye/Sine Bhan; Leveneep Head (Jamieson)/The Shetland Fiddler/Hurlock's Reel (Anderson)/The Ale Is Dear; Miss Graham of Inchbraikie (N Gow)/Scott Skinner's Compliments to Dr MacDonald (Skinner); The Balmoral Highlanders (McLennan)/The Moulin Dhu
Side Two:
Anne Frazer McKenzie (McLeod)/Tam's Hunting Horn (Munro)/Banks of the Allan/Wee Todd; Leaving Lismore/Skyline of Skye/Mingulay Boat Song; Callum Donaldson (Cooper)/Willafjord (Johnson)/The Tushkar (Cooper)/Sister Elder's Reel (Shand); The Highland Brigade at Magersfontein (MacLellan); Mo Cailleag Fhein (Lawrie)/The Brolum; Doctor Morrison's Seven Thistles (Skinner)/Helen Black of Inveraan (Ritchie)/Mrs McPherson of Inveraan

Hamish Reid (accordion); Stewart Reid (fiddle), Sam Sidey (piano); Bill Morgan (bass); Bill Anderson (drums)

Swinging Through Scotland Swinging Through Scotland (Lismore recordings LILP, 1975)

Side One:
O'Neill's March/Inveresk House/Leaving Port Askaig (Ross)/The Black Bear; The Pigmies' Polka (Kokaly); Ian Duncan's Reel (Cooper)/The New High Level (Rankine)/Paul Wallace/High Level Hornpipe (Hill); Rich and Rare; Mrs Marshall of Currochs (Meikle)/The Portree Men (Mauchline); Jim Anderson's Delight/The Sly Old Fox (Carmichael)/Julia McMahon/Humours of Castle Glendahar
Side Two:
Duncan MacInnes (MacLeod)/Hills of Alva (Muirhead)/Peter MacKenzie Warren (Muirhead); Sprig of Ivy (Seton)/John MacDonald of Glencoe (Lawrie); Filoro/Leaving Stornoway/Crobhan's Galley (Johnston)/Rhu Vaternish; Polwart on the Green/far Frae Hame/Always Welcome/Ken Duncan's Reel (Munro); Lone Highland Glen (Henderson)/New Brig o' Dee/Old Willie Hunter (Cooper)

Hamish Reid (accordion); Stewart Reid (fiddle), Sam Sidey (piano); George Meikle (accordion); Gordon Hughes (drums)

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |