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  Jim Cameron's Scottish Dance Band

This discography is based on 78rpm records in my own collection.

Code Description
78 78rpm records in my collection

JIM CAMERON'S SCOTTISH DANCE BAND. Jim Cameron (fiddle), unknown (clarinet), poss. May Cameron (accordion), poss George Scott-Wood (piano), unknown (drums)
Late December 1949
DR.14371 Broun's Reel
Intro; Caddam Wood; The Piper's Cave
Beltona BL.2491 78
DR.14372 La Russe
Intro; La Russe; Lord Rendal's Bride; Lady McKenzie of Coulle
Beltona BL.2491 78
DR14376 The Gay Gordons - No.2
Intro; Admiral Lewison Gower; Millbank Cottage
Beltona BL.2493-B 78
DR14379 Dundee Reel
Intro; Bonnie Dundee; Lady Dorothy Stewart
Beltona BL.2495-A 78
DR14382 Hamilton House
Intro; Hamilton House; Dumfries House; The Harmonica
Beltona BL.2495-B 78
DR14383 The Linton Ploughman
Intro; The Gobie O; I Lost My Love; Drummond Castle
Beltona BL.2493-A 78
JIM CAMERON'S SCOTTISH DANCE BAND. Jim Cameron (fiddle), poss. James Rattray (trumpet), poss William Black (bass) unknown accordion, piano, drums
prob. mid-late 1952
M.3158 The Birks of Invermay; The Fair Maid of Perth (Robertson); Back to Catterthern Beltona BL.2576 78
M.3172 Blue Bell Polka
Beltona BL.2576 78