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An Teallach Ceilidh Band

Scottish ceilidh band

"An Teallach (pronounced "an challach" and named after a mountain peak in Wester Ross) evolved as a ceilidh band from meeting and playing at sessions, ceilidhs and festivals over a number of years. Bob Dewars, Bob Reid and Bill Tosh are ex-members of of the Foundry Bar Band, and from the Strathmore Ceilidh Band came Billy Hayes and Jake Donnellly (Jake was later with The Benachally Ceilidh Band), Sandy Harvey from Falkirk won the open fiddle competition at Newcastleton in 1985 and 1986, and Jock Hunter has played with several bands including the Edinburgh Ceilidh Folk."

Any more information about the group would be gratefully received: email me. Some of the band's recorded output is detailed below.


The Plough and the Stars (Springthyme SPR1018, 1987)

Side One: The Plough and the Stars/The Maid Behind the Bar/The Sligo Reel; Loch Rannoch/The Sands of Lochbee (D Macleod)/Nell Flaherty's Drake; Tom Sullivan's Polka/Bill Sullivan; O Ho Ro Mo Chailin Donn/An Ataireachd Ard/Mi'n Seo 'Nam Onar; 51st Highland Divn at Beaumont Hamel (J MacLellan)/The Balkan Hills (J Gillan); Freedom Come All Ye (Henderson); A Draught of Ale/The Night Dance/The Joys of Life
Side Two: St Mary's/Salmon Tails Up the Water/The Scartaglen; The 10th HLI Crossing the Rhine (DS Ramsay)/Dr Ross's 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering (D MacLeod); Flooers o Edinburgh/The Mason's Apron; Mary of Dungloe/All Smiles Tonight/Lovely Leitrim; Out On the Ocean/Dennis Murphy's Jig/The Kesh; Jock Stewart; Dennis Murphy's/Sweeny's/John Ryan's

All tracks traditional unless otherwise indicated

Bobby Dewars (piano accordion); Sandy Harvey (fiddle); Bill Tosh (button accordion); Bob Reid (moothie, guitar, drum, vocals); Billy Hayes (guitar); Jake Donnelly (banjo, vocals); Jock Hunter (bass)


Drops of Brandy (Springthyme SPR1028, 1989)

Side One: Jig of Slurs (GS MacLennan)/Scarce o' Tatties (N MacLean)/Paddy's Leather Breeches; Calum Beag/The Sprig of Ivy; Newport Braes (S Wellington); Seige of Ennis/The Tulla; Partans In the Creel (A Windwick); Sixpenny Money/The Tenpenny Bit; Loch Duich/Leaving Glen Urquhart/Andy Renwick's Ferret (G Duncan)/The Brolum
Side Two: Sally Gardens/The Reconciliation/The Teetotaller; Jane's Wedding (R Reid)/Rowan Tree/Dark Lochnagar; Mind the Quare Foot (R Reid)/Peg Ryan's/Maggie In the Wood; Put Another Log On the Fire (Silverstein); Lady Dorothea Stewart-Murray (A Rose)/ The Quaker's Wife; Drops of Brandy/Mairi Ruadh; Miss Forbe's Farewell to Banff/The Merry Blacksmith/John Spence of Uyeasound

All tracks traditional unless otherwise indicated

Scott Carnegie (piano accordion); Sandy Harvey (fiddle); Bill Tosh (button accordion); Bob Reid (moothie, guitar, drum, pipes, vocals); Billy Hayes (guitar); Jake Donnelly (banjo, mandolin, vocals); Jim MacKenzie (bass)


Catching the Sun Rise (Lismore 5208, 1991)

Stool of Repentance/Letham Smiddy (Scott Carnegie)/The Athol Highlander; The Mountains of Pomeroy/The irish Soldier Laddie; Yellow On the Broom (MacNaughtan); The John Barlycorn (Bob Reid)/Martin the Stout (Bob Reid); All the Blue Bonnets are Over the Border/MacDonald's Awa Tae the War; The Rocks o' Bawn; David Ross of Rosehall (A MacNeill)/Major Manson at Clachantrushal (PM D MacLean); The Rainy Day; The Lark In the Morning/Mysteries of Knock; The Barrowburn Reel (Addie Harper)/Jack Broke Da Prison Door/Donald Blue/Sleep Sound Ida Morning; Arthur McBride; The Athol & Bredalbane Gathering (W Fergusson)/The Cameron Highlanders; Old Skibbereen/Sean O'Dwyer of the Glen; The Royal Scots (W Denholm)/Sleepy Maggie/Bessie McIntyre; All the Way to Galway/Chris O'Callaghan (Bob Reid); Hunting the Hare/The Shiramee/Back to the Haggard; Mo Dhachaidh (My Home)

All tracks traditional unless otherwise indicated

Scott Carnegie (accordion); Jim Doig (fiddle); Peter Walters (concert flute, piccolo, whistle); Bob Reid (moothie, guitar, drum, pipes, vocals); Billy Hayes (guitar); Jake Donnelly (banjo, bazouki, vocals); Jim MacKenzie (double bass)

A Ship in Full Sail (Lismore 5237, 1994)

Hey ho My Bonnie Lass/Jenny Dang the Weaver/Mo Chuachag Laghach Thu; South Hall/Lady Lever Park; The Kitchenmaid/The Thief of Lochaber/Lt Maguire's Jig/Kenny Gilles of Portnalong; Little Cabin Home on the Hill; Hardiman the Fiddler; Memories of Willie Snaith; Father Kelly's No. 1/The Castle Reel; The Dancing in Kyle; Barbara Bain of New Deer/Dr Morrison's Seven Thistles/The Baren Rocks of Aden; Memories of Eddie Caulfield/Eddie Caulfield's Reel; The Blackberry Bush/Far from Home; My Bonnie Wee Lochee Lass; Liam's a Rogue/Matt Hayes No. 1; Biddy Mulligan; A Ship in Full Sail/Tripping up the Stairs/Dingle Regatta; Wade's Welcome to Inverness/Ballochyle/Dundee City Police Pipe Band; The Old Claddagh Ring/Teddy O'Neil/Boulavogue; Leaving Ardtornish/MacDonald of the Isles/March to Harlaw

All tracks traditional unless otherwise indicated