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Traditional Music


JAMES BROWN (melodeon), acc. unknown (pno)
January 1912
X-49363 Edina Waltz Zonophone 848  
X-49364 Eightsome Reel Zonophone 848  
FRED CAMERON (melodeon), acc. unknown (pno)
3 January 1910
11155e Flowers of Edinburgh     cMM
11156e The Rights of Man Hornpipe     cMM
PAMBY DICK (melodeon)
mid 1918
6168 Irish Reels     cMM
6170 Stirling Castle Homophon 630 cMM cSE1
6162 Medley of Irish Jigs Homophon 630 cSE1
WILLIAM HANNAH (accordion)
c August 1920
6699 Duke of Perth     cMM
WILLIAM HANNAH (accordion) acc. prob. Patrick Cadden (fiddle), unknown pno
E 445 Scottish Memories Waltz
Within a Mile o' Edinboro' Toon
E 446 Thistle Lancers Figure 1     cMM
BOBBY MacLEOD (accordion)
DR.16003 The Gay Gordons
Hills o' Perth; The Athol and Breadalbane Gathering
Beltona BL.2513 cSE1
DR.16004 Mrs MacLeod's Reel
Original; Fairy Dance; Loch Leven Castle; Fair Maid of Perth
Beltona BL.2513 cSE1
JIM McHARDY (melodeon)
  The Athol and Breadalbane Gathering; Bonnie Ann Beltona BL.2470 cSE1
  The Glendarual Highlanders; Lady Dorothea Steward and Murray; Lochiel's Welcome to Glasgow Beltona BL.2470 cSE1
  Ane     cMM
  Twa     cMM
  March, Strathspey & Reel     cMM
333 Hornpipe Medley Winner 2167 cSE1
334 Woodland Flowers Winner 2167 cSE1
c 1933
CAR.2411 The Drunken Piper; Laird of Drumblair; Deil Among the Tailors Regal Zono MR 1388 78
CAR.2413 Set of Reels
Intro; Punchbowl; My Love She's But a Lassie Yet; Fair Maid of Perth
Regal Zono MR 1388 78
JAMES SHAND (accordion), acc. Margaret Low (pno)
c early 1935
M 465 Irish Jigs
Blackthorn Stick; Rory O'More; Dublin Jig
Beltona BL.2229 78 cSE1
M 475 Folk Waltz
Ash Grove; Jenny Jones
Beltona BL.2229 78 cSE1
M 467 Circassian Circle
When I look Back at Bonnie Aberdeen; Kate Dalrymple
Beltona BL.2233-A cSE1
M 476 March, Strathspey & Reel
Miss Elspeth Campbell; Huntly's Farewell; Captain Keillor
Beltona BL.2233-B cSE1
JAMES SHAND (accordion), acc. Margaret Low (pno)
c.1938 (probably after March)
M.589 Happy Hours Beltona BL.2382  
JAMES SHAND (accordion), acc. Joe Mooney (pno)
M.774 St Bernard's Waltz
Intro: Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms;
I Lo'e a Lassie; Lunan Bay
Beltona BL.2382  
JAMES SHAND (accordion), acc. John Knight (pno), Owen McCabe (drums)
after November 1942
M 969A Happy to Meet
74th's Farewell to Edinburgh; 5th Battn. Dundee Home Guard
Beltona BL 2454 cSE1
M 970B Sorry to Part
Mist Covered Mountains; KOSB's March to the Somme
Beltona BL 2454 cSE1
M 973 Rik-Ma-Ree
Col. Robertson; Cold Wind from Ben-Wyvis
Beltona BL 2457-A cSE1
M 974 Rik-Ma-Tick
Captain McNeil; Heilan' Wiskey; Mrs McLeod
Beltona BL 2457-B cSE1
DANIEL WYPER (melodeon) acc. unknown (pno)
11 October 1926
4495-1 Roll Her On the Hill; Soldier's Joy; Clean Pea Strae; Fairy Dance     cMM
PETER WYPER (melodeon) acc. prob. James Wyper (pno)
prob. [?18] November 1907
26216 Lady Mary Ramsay     cMM
26220 Highland Schottische     cMM
26224 Highland Fling     cMM
PETER WYPER (melodeon) acc. prob. James Wyper (pno)
prob. [?5] August 1908
26463 The Strangers March     cMM
26474 Selections of Scottish Airs     cMM
PETER WYPER (melodeon)
prob. [?22] October 1913
28546 The Dancing Dustman     cMM
PETER WYPER (melodeon)
c December 1911
27712 Silver Ivy Waltzes RegalZ G 6980 cSE1
27714 Lord McDonalds Reel and Jig RegalZ G 6980 cSE1
27716 Shean Trews Regal G 6974 cSE1
27717 Sword Dance Regal G 6974 cSE1


William Hannah (accordion), probably Patrick Cadden (fiddle), unknown trumpet, drums, piano
February 1937
E.8158 The Dashing White Sergeant Parlophone F.3270  
E.8160 Scottish or Foursome Reel Parlophone F.3270  
DR12135A The Machine Without Horses
The Machine Without Horses/Hamish McIntosh
Beltona BL.6183  
DR12145B Mrs Grant's Fancy
Miss Grant of Grant/Willie Hay
Beltona BL.6183  
DR12133A Reel of the 51st Division
The Drunken Piper/ Barren Rocks of Aden/Mansfield's March
Beltona BL.6184  
DR12144B There's Nae Luck
There's Nae Luck/Mackenzie Hay
Beltona BL.6184  
DR12136A De'il Among the Tailors
The De'il Among the Tailors/Holyrood House
Beltona BL.6185  
DR12137B Braes of Tulliemet
The Braes of Tulliemet/Hon Mrs Drummond of Perth
Beltona BL.6185  
Code Description
cMM cassette, Melodeon Maestros (Sleepytown Records SLPYHT008T, c1999)
cSE1 cassette, Misc 78s from 78s belonging to Stuart Eydmann