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Crieff Traditional Music Group

Crieff Traditional Music Group is run by Nigel Gatherer. It was started in, and has been led by Nigel since, 2002, and the main idea was to help people learn Scottish music on various instruments, and play music with other people.

Nigel Gatherer seeks out suitable tunes for the class course, and each year a possible list of new tunes is proposed and worked through. Inevitably, some of these tune "stick" while others don't.

The current term begins on Friday 1st October 2010 at St Andrews Church Hall, Strathearn Terrace, Crieff (view map) at 7pm. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or suggestions for tunes to learn.

Last updated: 1/09/10
Location: St Andrew's Hall,  Crieff
Day: Friday
Time: 7.00-9.00pm
Date Class Activity  
1/10 A1 [76] Hi-O-Hiram/Calum Beag [MP3]
8/10 A2 [77] Fires at Midnight [MP3]
15/10 A3 [MP3]
22/10 A4
29/10 A5 [MP3]
5/11 A6 [MP3]
12/11 Hall in use - no class
19/11 A7 [MP3]
26/11 A8 [MP3]
10/12 Christmas Open night/concert