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Crieff Community Band

Crieff Community Band is a new venture by Nigel Gatherer, and sees the light of day in January 2011. The concept is that a bunch of amateur local musicians will start meeting and building up a repertoire of music with the intention, eventually, of performing at local events.

The emphasis will be on Scottish music, but we will add occasional pieces from further afield at times. All musicians are welcome, but you should have a basic grasp of your instrument. If you play bagpipes you should have another instrument as well - e.g. whistle - because not all of our pieces will fit on the bagpipe scale.

If you are inexperienced or a beginner, there will be tuition periods from 6-7pm before the main band meets (depending upon demand). You can be started on penny whistle, mandolin or guitar, with a view to joining the band at a later date (other instruments please get in touch to see what may be arranged).

The current term begins on Friday 21st January 2011 at St Andrews Church Hall, Strathearn Terrace, Crieff (view map) at 7pm. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or suggestions for tunes to learn.

Last updated: 3/6/11 4.30pm
Location: St Andrew's Hall,  Crieff
Day: Friday
Time: 7.00-9.00pm
Date Activity  
21/1 [GG01] Gay Gordons: MacRostie Park/Miss Linda MacFarlane/Bonnie Kirkwall Bay
[GG01] [GG01 tab] [GG01 smallpipes] [GG01 whistle]
28/1 [WCD01] Waltz Country Dance: Scots Songs
[WCD01] [WCD01 tab] [WCD01 smallpipes] [WCD01 whistle]
[LT01] Listening Tunes: My Home Town set
[LT01] [LT01 tab] [LT01 smallpipes] [LT01 whistle]
18/2 Rehearsal: [GG01], [WCD01], [Song01]
25/2 [Song01] Awa Tae Sea I'll Go
[Song01] [Song01 tab] [Song01 whi]
4/3 [DWS01] Dashing White Sergeant: Original
[DWS01] [DWS01 tab] [DWS01 whi]
11/3 [LT02] Listening Tunes: Fires At Midnight
[LT02] [LT02 tab] [LT02 whi]
24/3 [VR01] Virginia Reel: Susannah
[VR01] [VR01 tab] [VR01 whistle]
1/4 [DWS02] Dashing White Sergeant: Neevie Neevie
[DWS02] [DWS02 tab] [DWS02 whistle]
8/4 Rehearsal
15/4 [PE01] Pride of Erin Waltz
[PE01] [PE01 tab] [DWS02 whistle numbers] [DWS02 whistle letters]
22/4 No meeting
29/4 No meeting
6/5 No meeting
13/5 No meeting
20/5 [PE01] Listening Tunes 03: Stalker Castle/ Muckin o' Geordie's Byre
[LT03] [LT03 tab] [LT03 whistle numbers] [LT03 whistle letters] [LT03 smallpipes]
27/5 Recap
3/6 [SR01] Shetland Reels: Faroe Rum/Aandowin At da Bow/Da Forefit o' da Ship
[SR01] [SR01 tab] [SR01 whistle numbers] [SR01 whistle letters]
10/6 [IJ01] Irish Jigs: Richard Brennan's/Donegal Lass/Bill Collins
[IJ01] [IJ01 tab] [IJ01 whistle] [IJ01 smallpipes]


Code Title [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [WHIn] [BAG] [MP3]
[DWS01] Dashing White Sergeant 01: Original [DWS01] [DWS01] [DWS01] N/A [DWS01a] [DWS01b] [DWS01c]
[DWS02] Dashing White Sergeant 02: Neevie Neevie [DWS02] [DWS02] [DWS02] N/A
[GG01] Gay Gordons 01: MacCrosty Park [GG01] [GG01] [GG01] [GG01] [GG01a] [GG01b] [GG01c]
[IJ01] Irish Jigs 01: Brennan's [IJ01] [IJ01] [IJ01] [IJ01] [IJ01a] [IJ01b] [IJ01c]
[LT01] Listening Tunes 01: My Home Town [LT01] [LT01] [LT01] [LT01] [LT01a] [LT01b] [LT01c] [LT01d]
[LT02] Listening Tunes 02: Fires At Midnight [LT02] [LT02] [LT02] N/A [LT02]
[LT03] Listening Tunes 03: Stalker Castle [LT03] [LT03] [LT03] [LT03] [LT03] [LT03a] [LT03a]
[PE01] Pride of Erin Waltz 01: Gentle Maiden [PE01] [PE01] [PE01] [PE01] N/A [PE01a] [PE01b] [PE01c]
[SR01] Shetland Reels 01: Faroe Rum [SR01] [SR01] [SR01] [SR01] N/A [SR01a] [SR01b] [SR01c]
[Song01] Song 01: Awa Tae Sea I'll Go [Song01] [Song01] [Song01] N/A [Song01a] [Song01b]
[TT01] Tutorial 01: Getting Started [WT01]
[VR01] Virginia Reel 01: Susannah [VR01] [VR01] [VR01] N/A
[WCD01] Waltz Country Dance 01: Comin Thro the Rye [WCD01] [WCD01] [WCD01] [WCD01] [WCD01a] [WCD01b] [WCD01c] [WCD01d] [WCD01e]