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Pick Direction 6


The Pinch of Snuff

This tune is fairly straightforward as far as pick direction goes. Note that the final part of the tune (the 9th bar!) departs slightly from the usual pattern.

psex.gif - 3521 bytesWhen you come across syncopation, what's usually happening is that two notes are being sounded as one to give a off-beat emphasis. In the first line of tab below (Ex.6) you'll notice that there are a few instances where you have to play two upstrokes in a row; this can seem wrong at first. However, if you were to play each note separately, as in the second line of tab below, you'd see that the upstrokes are in exactly the right place, on the off-beat. Again, if you were to play the whole bar as eighth notes, you'd see the upstrokes are in the right place (see example).

[MIDI] of this tune available.

The Pinch of Snuff
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