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I teach an adult evening class in improvers mandolin with ALP Scots Music Group in Edinburgh. Participants should know the basics of playing the mandolin, and we'll be looking at various techniques, tricks and tune genres throughout the course.

Below is the schedule for the course up to this time. If you have any further questions, please ask (email me).

Last updated: 8th May 2006 Term A | Term B

Lesson Date Techniques Tunes
  2005 TERM A
A1 15/9 Polkas Lucy Farr's Polka
A2 20/9 Polkas Ballydesmond Polka No.3
A3 29/9 Polkas Tom Sullivan's Polka
A4 6/10 Single reel Island Dance
A5 13/10 Shetland tune A Yowe Cam to Wir Door Yarmin
A6 27/10 US Old-Time Flop-Eared Mule
Liza Jane
A7 3/11 Schottisches Cenneag Mhor
Fear a Phige
A8 10/11 Shetland Polkas Da Boannie Polka
A9 17/11 Reel Put Me In the Big Chest
A10 24/11 Old Time Little Liza Jane
A11 31/11 Irish reel The Belles of Tipperary
A12 6/12 Stramash: Flop Eared Mule
  2005 TERM B
B1 17/1 Concert piece 1 Bonnie Lass Come Ower the Burn
B2 31/1 Burns Night Afton Water
B3 7/2 Marches again The Piper's Cave
B4 21/2 Reel Far From Home
B5 28/2 Strathspey The Braes o' Tullimet
B6 7/3 Jigs Bill Collin's
B7 14/3 Shetland reel Da Ferry Reel
B8 18/4 Extra tune Oovie Avie
B9 25/4 World music Gardybelatten
B9 2/5 Stramash piece Island Dance
B10 9/5 Hornpipes The Galway Hornpipe
B11 16/5 New tune Calum's Road
B12 23/5 Hornpipe Harvest Home
B13 30/5 Stramash  


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