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SMG Improvers Mandolin

I teach an adult evening class in Improvers Mandolin with the Scots Music Group in Edinburgh (Boroughmuir School - map). You should know the basics of the mandolin, and have been playing for at least six to eight months.

During the course we'll be learning the techniques necessary to playing the mandolin, building up a repertoire of tunes, and learning about mandolin music from around the world.

Below is the schedule for the course up to this time. If you have any specific questions, please ask (email me). You can also keep up to date with the latest class developments by looking at The Gathering, the site forum.

Last updated: 23/05/11 9.50am
Location: B'muir School
Day: Tuesdays
Time: 7.45-9.10pm
Date Aims Tunes MP3s
2011 Term C (April-May 2011)  
26/4 C1 jigs The Donegal Lass [MP3]
3/5 C2 reel The Union Street Session [Std Notation] [Tablature] [MP3]
10/5 C3 chords Chords
17/5 C4 double stops Double Stops
Planxty Irwin [Std Notation] [Tablature]

24/5 C5 ensemble playing Funky Dance in Blue [Std Notation] [Tablature]
Twa Fiddles At da Fireside [Std Notation] [Tablature]
31/5 C6 end-of-term Session/stramash
2011 Term B (January-March 2011)  
11/1 B1 marches Gow's Quickstep [Standard Notation] [Tablature] [MP3]
18/1 Parents' Night - No Classes
25/1 B2 Strathspeys Lady Mary Ramsay [Std Notation] [MP3]
1/2 B3 Scottish reels  Glen Ogle (music included with Lady Mary Ramsay) [MP3]
8/2 B4 Scottish air  Cam Ye By Atholl? [Std Notation] [Tab] 1 [MP3]
2 [MP3]
15/2 Parents' Night - No Classes
22/2 B5 Scottish slow air  Mrs Jamieson's Favourite [Std Notation] [Tab] 1 [MP3]
2 [MP3]
1/3 B6 Shetland reels Spootiskerry [Std Notation] [Tab]
8/3 Parents' Night - No Classes
15/3 B7 Shetland reels Willafjord (music included with Spootiskerry) [MP3]
22/3 B8
29/3 B9 The Blues Clueless About the Blues [Std Notation] [Tab]
5/4 B10 Shetland Reel Spootiskerry [Std Notation] [Tab] [MP3]
2010 Term A (September-December 2010)  
7/9 A1 Intro; reel Soldier's Joy [MP3]
14/9 A2 Air Fires at Midnight [MP3]
A3 Irish polkas
O'Connor's Polka
Little Diamond
Bill Sullivan's Polka
A5 Double Stops Download PDF
A6 Jigs Cavehill
[Download PDF - tab]
[Download PDF - standard]
26/10 A7 Waltzes Ronas Voe
Starry Night In Shetland
2/11 A8 Reel
Cenneag Mhor [MP3]
9/11 A9 Irish reel
Johnny McIljohn's No.1 [MP3]
16/11 A10 Irish jig
Bill Collins [MP3]