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gfw improvers

GFW Improvers Mandolin

This class began on August 30th 2010 as a continuation of a Beginners class, but anyone who has a little experience would benefit from it.

During the course we'll be learning the techniques necessary to playing the mandolin, building up a repertoire of tunes, and learning about mandolin music from around the world.

Below is the schedule for the course up to this time. If you have any further questions, please ask (email me).

Last updated: 18/4/11 11.30am
Location: Stow College
Day: Mondays
Time: 7.30-9.25
Date Aims Tunes  
2011 Term D (March-June 2011)  
21/3 D1
28/3 D2
4/4 HOLIDAY - no class
11/4 HOLIDAY - no class
18/4 D3 Irish jig The Donegal Lass [MP3]
25/4 HOLIDAY - no class
2/5 HOLIDAY - no class
9/5 D4 Chords Chords  
16/5 D5 Irish jig Dingle Regatta [MP3]
23/5 D6 Double stops Planxty Irwin [Std Notation] [Tablature] [MP3]
2010 Term A (September to October 2010)  
30/8 A1 Chords: Banks of the Ohio
6/9 A2 Reels: Soldier's Joy [MP3]
13/9 A3 Blues workshop [MP3]
20/9 A4 Strathspeys: Mac An Irish [MP3]
27/9 HOLIDAY - no class  
4/10 A5 Chords: The Hills of Lorne [MP3]
11/10 HOLIDAY - no class  
18/10 A6 Minor keys: The Old Grey Cat [MP3]
24/5 A7 Jigs: The Shepherd's Wife [MP3]
Term B (November to December 2010)  
1/11 B1  
8/11 B2
15/11 B3
22/11 B4
6/12 B6 Waltzes: Welcome Christmas Morning [MP3]
13/12 B7 End of term session
2011 Extra Classes (January 2011)  
10/1 X1 Bagpipe tunes Wi' a Hundred Pipers [Standard Notation] [Tablature]  
17/1 X2 Bagpipe tunes Atholl Highlanders [Std Notation] [Tab]  
Term C (January-March 2011)  
24/1 C1 Shetland reels Spootiskerry [Std Notation] [Tab]  
31/1 C2 Shetland reels Willafjord
7/2 C3 Scots reels The High Road to Linton [Std Notation] [Tab]  
14/2 HOLIDAY - no class
21/2 C4 Waltzes Margaret's Waltz [Std Notation] [Tab]
28/2 C5 Calum's Road [Std Notation] [Tab]
7/3 C6 Polkas Three Polkas [STD] [TAB]
14/3 C7