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EK Improvers Mandolin

I teach an adult daytime class in Improvers Mandolin at East Kilbride Arts Centre. Because there is a mix of experience and abilities, several things can be going on at the one time.

During the course we'll be learning the techniques necessary to playing the mandolin, building up a repertoire of tunes, and learning about mandolin music from around the world.

Below is the schedule for the course up to this time. If you have any further questions, please ask (email me).

Last updated: 06/03/11 8.04pm
Location: EK Arts Centrre
Day: Tuesdays
Time: 10-11am
Date Tunes MP3
Term B (January-March 2011)  
11/1 B1 Gow's Quickstep [Standard Notation] [Tablature] [MP3]
18/1 B2 Lady Mary Ramsay [Std Notation] [MP3]
25/1 B3 Glen Ogle (music included with Lady Mary Ramsay) [MP3]
1/2 B4 Cam Ye By Atholl? [Std Notation] [Tab]

Mrs Jamieson's Favourite [Std Notation] [Tab]
1 [MP3]
2 [MP3]
1 [MP3]
2 [MP3]
8/2 B5 Ensemble Tunes for Adult Classes Get-Together, 27th March
15/2 B6 Spootiskerry [Std Notation] [Tab] [MP3]
22/2 B7 Willafjord (music included with Spootiskerry) [MP3]
1/3 B8
8/3 B9 The Glenside Polka [STD] [TAB]
15/3 B10 End of Term (recap/concert)
Term A (Sept-Nov 2010)  
7/9 A1 The Massacre of Glencoe [MP3]
14/9 A2 Jenny Lind [MP3]
21/9 A3 Those Were the Days [MP3]
28/9 A4 Sonatina in G [MP3]
29/9 A5 Miss Bennet's Jig [MIDI]
5/10 A6 Mac An Irish [MP3]
12/10 A7 Lay Dee At Dee [MP3]
19/10 A8 Pretty Little Cat [MP3]
26/10 A9 Welcome Christmas Morning [MIDI]
2/11 A10 End-of-term Recap/Session