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East Kilbride Beginners/Improvers Mandolin Class


EK Mando photoI teach an adult daytime class in Beginners/Improvers Mandolin at East Kilbride Arts Centre. Because there is a mix of experience and abilities, several things can be going on at the one time.

During the course we'll be learning the techniques necessary to playing the mandolin, building up a repertoire of tunes, and learning about mandolin music from around the world.

Below is the schedule for the course up to this time. If you have any further questions, please ask (email me).

Last updated: 7th February 2005 Term A | Term B | Term C

Lesson Date Techniques Tunes
A1 31/8 Introduction; opening techniques First of October
A2 7/9 Scales  
A3 14/9    
A4 28/9   Jenny Long Legs;
Trumpet Hornpipe
A5 5/10   Boys of the Town
A6 12/10 Individual practice  
A7 26/10   Cawdor Fair
A8 2/11 New tune;
Individual projects
Bonnie Tammie Scolla
A9 9/11    
A10 16/11    
B1 81/1 Jigs Fear a Bhois Fada Gun Posadh
B2 25/1 Marches Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie
B3   American music: old-time Old Joe Clark
B4   Jigs Ye Banks and Braes
B5   Reels Short Coated Mary
B6   Shetland reels Donald Blue
B7   American music: Bluegrass Fire On the Mountain
B8   Marches again Memories of Fr Angus
B9     Calum's Road
B10   Stramash:  
C1 19/4 Jig Fear a Bhois Fada Gun Posadh
C2 26/4 Song air Leezie Lindsay
C3 3/5 Song air Come By the Hills
C4 10/5 Song air Rowan Tree
C5 17/5 Song air Four Marys
C6 24/5 Ensemble Piece Steel Calypso
C7 31/5 American song Liza Jane
C8 6/6 American song Cindy
C9 13/6
C10 20/6


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