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John Bird
John Bird's webpages contain various mandolin-orientated items. Perhaps the most important is The Tao of the Mandolin. At the start of 1999 John decided to start a weekly column about the connection between the Tao and the mandolin. It was his intention to write one entry every week and post it to the CoMando list, and it is a tribute to his determination that he did not miss a week throughout the year. For those of you who have missed these articles, John has collected them at his site. Take a look at The Tao of the Mandolin - it'll be worth it.

Sam Gifford
Sam, Jules, NigeSam is a regular and popular contributor to CoMando. He also has a high reputation as a manufacturer of first rate instrument cases, and his mandolin cases in particular are much sought after throughout the world. Sam's centre of operations is in the Scottish Highlands, although he travels to the US regularly. Check out his website: http://www.pegasus-cases.com.

Right: Sam (centre) with his Red Diamond held by Nigel Gatherer and his bouzouki held by Julian Templeman, photographed at The Taybank Hotel, Dunkeld, Scotland.