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This book serves a number of functions. It is a mandolin tutorial, providing tunes specifically geared to mandolin techniques. As such, it caters to learners and more experienced players; most tubes are given in a simple, straightforward version, and a more involved version exploring techniques, embellishments and decoration.

It is also a collection of fine Celtic-style tunes which will be of interest to any player on the look out for interesting music.

Thirdly, it's an in-depth study of Scottish music using the mandolin to describe and investigate the techniques and styles which produce the unique Scottish sound. As such it is the first book of its kind; the first Scottish mandolin book, and a valuable addition to the mandolin library.

Nigel Gatherer


Edinburgh-born Nigel Gatherer has helped to change the profile of the mandolin in Scotland. Completely self-taught, he has played Scots music on the mandolin for more than twenty years. For the past seven years he has taught many classes and workshops, introducing the mandolin to an army of keen students.

Nigel is passionate about Scottish traditional music, and published the acclaimed 'Songs and Ballads of Dundee' in 1986, as well as several collections of Scots fiddle tunes, and recently a book of mandolin chords. he has appeared on radio and television on various occasions, and maintains a web site dedicated to the hisyory and development of Scottish traditional and folk music.

Nigel has performed in two or three bands in the Edinburgh area, though since moving to Perthshire in 2000 his involvement has been limited. He is currently building up a repertoire with guitarist Sam Gifford with a view to performing and recording.