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As easy as ABC?
(26-08-2016, 12:32 PM)nigelgatherer Wrote: "What drives me crazy about the trad music scene is the fascism associated with how to learn. There are too many people who, in my humble opinion should know better, who proclaim that there is only one right way of doing something. There ain't. We're all different, and inclusivity is not a big part of what education is about, I'll be retiring tomorrow.

ABC, sol fa, staff, ear, osmosis, all going to get you the skeleton of a tune.

Listening, absorbing, immersing, practising will get you to the next step."

I couldn't agree more, Nigel.  Each of us learns a tune by whatever means we find is of most use to our learning and is also comfortable for us.  I play lots by ear and also use the dots whenever I feel the need. 

In our fiddle workshop the emphasis is on teaching by ear and for many members this is their only way as they are non-readers.  The score is available later in the process for anyone who wants the dots.  This process seems to keep the members happy and each has the option of ear, score or both.

It is by playing the tunes regularly and especially along with other players that we get the tune into our heads and can feel at home with it.

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