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As easy as ABC?
Hi JAJ, I too use ABC though I am much more a user of MuseScore now. ABC has the virtue of being very tiny as a file and there are thousands of tunes available in it, along with converters for turning it into standard notation. I feel it is a system which you need to be using regularly to remember all the symbols and language it uses. Because I use it less frequently now I have to revert to the manual to find out how to get particular things. I know it can do much more than I have ever needed of it and it lets you listen to the tune - handy if it's a new tune!

With Musescore, which is open source software, I find I can get what I need quickly and I can add in parts such as second and third fiddle quite easily. I use the mouse to enter notes on the stave and it is generally straightforward to use once you get a grip of the basic techniques. It also allows files to be saved in many playable versions such as midi, mp3, xml and others and gives you a great deal of control over the appearance of your finished score.

I agree with you that it seems to be much simpler and more useful to work with standard notation, especially where there are players with various instruments playing together, where using TAB would be of little use to those who do not read it, as would ABC.

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